Savvion Announces Availability of Business Rules Management System

Savvion BRMS Enables Users to Define, Modify and Change their Business Rules with Minimal IT Intervention
SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Savvion®, the trailblazing business process management (BPM)
company, today announced the availability of Savvion Business Rules Management System (BRMS) software that enables business users as well as application developers to define, monitor and manage business rules used in business applications. Once created, business rules can be stored in a repository for re-use in other applications. Savvion BRMS is integrated seamlessly with Savvion BusinessManager™ and uses common business objects and development environment. It can also be used independently. Savvion BRMS is standards-based and easy to use, allowing business managers to describe, modify, and change the rules of their operations as required—with minimal IT assistance.

“Companies are looking for tools that make their employees as efficient and productive as possible,” said Dr. M.A. Ketabchi, President, CEO and Founder of Savvion. “Savvion’s Business Rules Management System
addresses that requirement. It enables the reuse of business rules in multiple applications, puts governance in place, and allows business users to create enterprise-class applications without always having to enlist technical help.”
"Managing decisions properly makes processes simpler, smarter and more agile," said James Taylor, a leading expert in decision management. "Integrating decisions into business processes while keeping business rules independent delivers a real competitive advantage. Allowing business rules and decisions to be reused inside and outside processes increases the value of Savvion’s BRMS and gives their customers a powerful new capability."

Keeping Pace with Change

Savvion BRMS enables a project-based approach for building rule applications and integrating them with
process applications particular to a given functional department of an enterprise. Using the web portal, business managers can keep pace with the evolving requirements of their industry by changing business rules as needed.
For example, the manager of an insurance company’s underwriting department can define applicable business rules with decision tables and store those rules in the BRMS repository for reuse. From the BRMS portal, he can use business objects created during the rules-modeling phase and change the parameters of the rules for a life insurance application (e.g., limits on age, weight, health status).
Key advantages of Savvion BRMS:

  • Can be used with or without Savvion BusinessManager
  • Provides JSR94-compliant application interface (API) protocols—as well as an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment for building and deploying rules that apply across different applications
  • Allows management of business rules and process objects in the same repository to enable impact
  • Facilitates the use of business objects for data exchange and seamless integration with process data
  • Enables business users to modify rules at runtime from the BRMS portal without IT interventionAbout Savvion BusinessManager
Savvion BusinessManager is an innovative Business Process Management Suite designed to allow virtually
everyone throughout an enterprise to create and manage business processes by which they operate.
BusinessManager 7.5, the most recent release, includes: Savvion Process Modeler, Savvion Process Asset
Manager, BPM Studio, BPM Server, BPM Portal, and Savvion BusinessExpert.

About Savvion
More than 300 of the world’s top-performing companies, including 22 of the Fortune 100, choose Savvion to
operate more productively and profitably. As the business process management trailblazer, Savvion moves
enterprises beyond ordinary BPM with groundbreaking business-critical software solutions and services that
make them more competitive and cost-efficient, including a return on investment as high as 300%. Savvion has
a proven track record for turning process improvement ideas into real world solutions within 30 days.
Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Savvion can be reached at www.savvion.com or 888-544-5511.
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