PNMsoft To Launch Product Update For BPM Platform, Sequencetm, At Gartner Business Process Management Summit


PNMsoft, a Microsoft Gold Partner and global provider of Intelligent BPM Software (iBPMS) solutions, announces the upcoming launch of HotChange technology version 3.0, a product update for Sequence, its web-based, enterprise-level workflow software for optimizing business processes. This update will enable greater support of Hot Processes – complex, repeatable and business critical processes that underpin performance. PNMsoft will be unveiling the latest update to Sequence at Gartner Business Process Management Summit on Sept. 9 – 11, 2015 at the National Harbor, Maryland.

PNMsoft’s Sequence, built on HotChange architecture, enables organizations and its users to make adjustments to Hot Processes in real-time and as they continue to run. HotChangecombines the ability to make constant changes with the need for visibility and control over performance, while maintaining governance and compliance.

James Luxford, CTO, PNMsoft said, "We've identified that the ability for process operators to make continual adjustments to Hot Processes could provide an enormous positive business impact, enabling customers to reduce the cost of transaction and maximize revenue. We took that to heart and engineered HotChange 3.0 to provide this capability."

Hot Processes have complex matching requirements of ever-changing factors, such as skills, urgency, resource allocation, and regulation compliance. Sequence’s HotChange technology version 3.0 enables flexible adjustment by process operators to multiple elements of a Hot Process, including:

  • Case priority and allocation;
  • Business Rules;
  • Team Overall Capacity;
  • Team Utilization;
  • Changes to Employee Skills/Roles/Calendars;
  • Schedules; and
  • Milestones and SLAs.

Gal Horvitz, CEO, PNMsoft, stated, “Our latest update in Sequence demonstrates our continuous commitment to delivering big change for our clients. Helping mid-size and large organizations modernize their mission-critical processes makes us feel very proud for delivering on our promise.”

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About PNMsoft
PNMsoft is a global provider of Intelligent BPM Software (iBPMS) solutions. PNMsoft Sequence, our Intelligent Business Process Management Suite, uses unique HotChange technology to enable rapid build and change of high availability workflow applications, while maintaining lifecycle governance. PNMsoft is on Gartner's iBPMS Magic Quadrant. For more information, visit

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