Model-based testing integrates process management with test management by linking Microsoft Visio® 2013, Atlassian JIRA® and HP ALM®


Transware, the leading specialist for model and diagram translation and transformation and vendor of BPM-X® software announces the availability of automatic test-case generation based on Microsoft Visio®, Atlassian JIRA® and HP ALM®.

For BPA (business process analyzing) and BPM (business process modeling) many tools are in the BPM market like: ARIS®, CaseWise®, MEGA, IBM Rational® System Architect, OpenText® ProVision, Sparx® Enterprise Architect and others. The tool Microsoft Visio® is very often used for business process mapping in organizations by business departments and project teams. With the new BPM-X® software release R6, Visio® process diagrams can be leveraged to generate test-cases supporting a process-driven testing approach. Process-driven testing is also known as model-based testing.

BPM-X® translation software supports all major EA, BPA and BPM tools to leverage business process models and diagrams for a process-driven testing. As an example Visio® can be used for cross-functional flowcharts depicting a common purchase/requisition process, which can be executed with standard ERP software from vendors such as SAP®, Oracle® or Microsoft®. All organizations have their specifics with different organizational roles, sign-off process-flows or handling of documents that require customizing and as a consequence robust testing of software modifications.

The challenge project teams have is based on the complexity of applications and the determination of possible process flows supported by the application. Traditionally the test preparation process consumes much time and effort. Missing domain and methodological expertise leads to project risks and execution failures that blow up many project budgets. With BPM-X® tools the teams can re-use existing process models and diagrams and automatically generate required test cases with test scripts in different formats like Excel, JIRA® or HP ALM®.

The test cases are used for user acceptance testing (UAT), functional, end-to-end integration and regression testing.

Newly supported with BPM-X release R6 are the tools Visio® 2013 and JIRA®. JIRA® is well-known for web based issue management and project tracking from Atlassian, an Australian software vendor. This system has built in workflows that can be adjusted for the needs of testing with different roles like test manager, engineers, testers and developers. BPM-X® reads process models out of the Visio® 2013 diagrams stored in the new VSDX data format. This data format is known as the Office Open XML scheme and is used by all Microsoft Office® products like Word®, PowerPoint® or Excel®. The BPM-X® tool simulates the process models using the internal BPMNTM 2.0 standard and generates test cases in Excel format®. These test cases are uploaded via the standard REST web services into JIRA®.

This integration of these standard tools supports the model-based testing methodology and reduces high efforts in test cases preparation. Project risks are reduced as objective models are used to define test case coverage of business process supporting applications.

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