Interneer Selected by Akash Energy to Automate Business Processes and Streamline Sustainable Fuel Operations


Akash Energy to Manage Inventory, Back Office, Quality Control, and Strategic Planning; Will Create Smart Mobile Apps In-The-Field for Managing Fuel Distribution and Quality Control Using Cloud BPM Software

Los Angeles, CA, August 12, 2013Interneer, Inc., a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software for process automation applications and Smart Mobile Apps, today announced that Akash Energy, a provider of sustainable fuels, including biodiesel, ethanol, and traditional petroleum based products, selected Interneer Intellect BPM in the cloud to automate numerous business processes and to help streamline operations. Akash Energy will manage all of its business processes by building smart process applications on top of Intellect BPM, a rapid development platform, and will use Intellect MobileApps to create Smart Mobile Apps in-the-field for managing fuel distribution and quality control. The business mobile apps will be used throughout Akash’s distribution chain, from raw material sourcing through distribution to Akash’s retail stations, which are expected to open in the fourth quarter of this year.

In 2013, Akash developed an inventory management and invoice processing solution using Intellect BPM that has been integrated into its existing operations. Further, Akash is using Interneer to integrate strategic planning processes into every aspect of their operation. The strategic planning module will link every task to an objective and its corresponding goal, revolutionizing the employee relationship with the company’s mission.

Akash Energy provides sustainable fuel options to businesses and consumers, including biofuels and traditional petroleum products all sourced and processed in the United States. By sourcing raw materials in the communities in which Akash Energy distributes, the company creates a sustainable system that minimizes its carbon footprint, stimulates the local economy, and reduces costs, resulting in consistently less expensive fuel for consumers.

“I am part of the Millennial Generation, which is a unique generation in the sense that we bridge the gap,” said Justin Heller, Founder and President of Akash Energy. “We grew up before technology had infiltrated every aspect of our lives, but came of age as it did, leading to one of the most significant paradigm shifts since the industrial revolution. The ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time, coupled with universal access to the sum total of human knowledge, is creating a population that is becoming exponentially more conscious of the consequences of their actions. I founded Akash Energy to provide the choice to fill our fundamental need for fuel in a way that contributes to the quality of the global human experience. I feel the best way to do that is to offer Americans the choice of sustainable, domestic fuels. This will not only protect and preserve our economy, but the resources and environment of this great nation.”

The core value of Akash Energy is that “everything is possible.” Mr. Heller said, “We believe that if given the choice, it is entirely possible that American consumers will choose to fuel their lives in a responsible and sustainable way, minimizing their environmental impact while ensuring the viability and economic benefit of our natural resources for generations to come. To achieve this, we needed a technology partner that would allow us to develop systems that offer rapid development, business agility, ease of use, and the ability to implement in the field.”

Mr. Heller continued, “We chose Interneer because their software met all of these requirements and their platform is robust and completely customizable, which is crucial for our business since we run the most critical processes of our internal and field operations on Interneer. Our ability to manage fuel sourcing, production, and inventory in real-time as well as managing our quality control with precision is critical to the success of our business. We can now provide sustainable solutions to consumers and businesses of all sizes in an efficient, cost effective manner that would not have been possible without Interneer.”

Akash Energy distributes biodiesel within the existing petroleum wholesale infrastructure, providing fuel distributors access to consistent and competitively priced renewable fuels. This access allows distributors to easily provide a sustainable fuel choice for American businesses and consumers, without any investment in new vehicles or infrastructure. The company also plans to open retail stations offering the most comprehensive fuel options available to consumers, including B20, B100, E15, natural gas and electric charging stations. The first two stations are slated to open in Houston at the end of 2013.

“Sustainable energy is a robust and high growth market with constant change taking place,” said Romeo Elias, CEO of Interneer. “The ability to rapidly adjust business processes and yet at the same time track details for compliance is crucial to the success of any company in the energy and utilities space. We are pleased that Akash Energy chose to run their critical business operations on Interneer and to empower employees across the enterprise and partners over an extended network.”

Asentex, an Interneer partner, is providing professional services and application development to Akash Energy. Asentex is an IT services company with a focus to help organizations select, implement, and use the best technologies available for each business opportunity. The company is comprised of a group of professionals with experience in the fields of Information Technology, Project Management, Sales and Marketing.

Luis Camarena, President and Founder of Asentex, said, “Akash Energy represents a new way of thinking, one that is adaptable, sustainable, and will surely create success for future generations. At Asentex, we also strive to build technology solutions designed for the future. We simplify technology and operations by leveraging technology such as Interneer to create business applications and mobile business apps that improve productivity and performance.”

About Akash Energy
Akash Energy, based in Houston Texas, is an integrated, sustainable fuels company.  Its mission is to empower American consumers and businesses to choose how they fuel their lives. Akash exists to address growing concerns over global warming and the economic impacts of natural resource depletion. Implementing the tenets of sustainability within our existing fuel infrastructure can dramatically reduce America’s output of greenhouse gases, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and optimize the value of our natural resources, without requiring the consumer to make any dramatic changes to their current routine or purchase new vehicles. Akash Energy is providing this choice through a network of retail fueling stations, supported by integrated production and distribution assets that offer the consumer various blends of biodiesel and diesel fuel, gasoline and ethanol, natural gas, and electric charging. For more information, visit

About Interneer
Interneer is the leader in Business Process Management (BPM) software for process automation applications and Smart Mobile Apps. With Interneer, companies can deploy affordable, easy to use BPM software for automating business processes and workflows with rapid implementation. The intuitive drag and drop user interface is user friendly, designed for business users and requires no programming. Interneer is available as a SaaS offering in the Cloud or can be installed on-premises, using a subscription or perpetual license model. Interneer has hundreds of customers including Bose, Jacobs Engineering, and Host Hotels in markets including construction, manufacturing, healthcare, education, energy, and public sector. For more information, visit

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