Future Strategies Inc. releases “BPM Everywhere: Internet of Things, Process of Everything”

BPM Everywhere

April 28, 2015 in (Forimmediaterelease.net) “BPM Everywhere” will be the most important Business Process Management (BPM) book of 2015, addressing the reality of digital business, people, things and processes and what the impact of the Internet of Things presents for business processes and architectures, not in some distant scenario, but today.

BPM Everywhere is a unique book that presents strategies for leveraging, not simply surviving, but fully exploiting the wave of disruption facing every business over the next five years and beyond.

Co-author Nathaniel Palmer notes, “Without question, one of the single most disruptive events in the last decade was the introduction of the smartphone. Consider for a moment how great of an impact this has on the relationship between businesses and their customers. Not even the emergence of the Web and Internet-based ‘digital native’ business models can compare with the level of intimacy now available with your customers.”

People, Things and Processes that run in this connected world leave behind vast digital footprints of these processes, things, people, interactions, and daily rhythms of the society.

In his chapter “Woots: Smart Things that Can Think, Act, Learn and Talk,” Surendra Reddy introduces Woots that are everyday Smart Things with a specific identity, intelligence, address and presence on the Internet and capabilities to self-organize and communicate with other things with or without human intervention.

In the era of the Internet of Things where smarthomes, appliances, cars, phones, apparel and all imaginable devices are connected; BPM must, and will, be everywhere. As Peter Whibley discusses in “The Internet of Things Will Be Invisible” by 2025 there are expected to be more than 26 billion or more connected devices.

“Big Data” has never been so large, nor presented such an acute role within enterprises and the processes that drive them. BPME as well as traditional BPM methods can already be found at the center of this. Its role will grow exponentially.

Emergent factors such as process mining (see chapter “Mining the Swarm” by Keith Swenson, et al) will be critical for uncovering engagement patterns and the need for process management platforms to coordinate interaction and control of smart devices. Intelligent BPM is expanding the window of what can be automated, by enabling adaptable automation.

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