Dubai Animal Care & Relocation Company select Singularity BPM Suite

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Dubai Animal Care & Relocation Company select Singularity BPM Suite

London, 27 September 2010

Leading Global BPM Software vendor Singularity allows Dubai Kennels & Cattery (DKC) to improve the cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction of its full-service animal care and relocation business.

The premier and largest pet boarding facility and animal relocation company in the Middle East says Singularity's commitment to providing software that enables clients to be more 'agile' fitted with DKC's need to have a system that could cope with a vast array of different circumstances.

DKC is a dynamic business, turnover has more than doubled in five years, and it is the preferred provider of animal handling and pet relocation services to several of Dubai's largest corporations – including Emirates Airlines and DNATA, the leading supplier of air travel services in the Middle East.

The company provides both animal care and the management of the importation, exportation and transhipment of pets and other animals between Dubai and any other country in the world. All aspects of the business are operationally complex, but particularly so with imports and exports, which processes take anything between a few days and as long as nine months to complete, depending on the local regulations in the corresponding country and owners' requirements.

DKC wanted a system that provided data integrity, improved productivity and staff training timelines, assisted staff in the control of both animal care and shipments, reduced the paper trail and assisted with responsiveness. The objective was to improve quality of service and cost-effectiveness in the management of existing high-quality and complex processes. An automated system offered the prospect of greater assurance that procedural mistakes could not happen.

Todd Carson, Managing Partner at DKC, said: "We had meetings with all the relevant vendors. It was clear that Singularity's was the superior product and that their people were of higher quality. The tipping point is their people – Singularity has been stellar."

"Singularity's platform will become more than the process system for overall animal care and importing and exporting: it will also be the backbone for all of DKC's business processes. This will include human resources, and property/asset management and maintenance" Todd added.

Todd Carson

Dr. Robert McGarry, Director of Sales, at Singularity said "DKC are a perfect example of a growing successful business who in times of global economic troubles has skilfully adopted technology to sustain their competitive advantage in the marketplace and be ahead of the game always. We are thrilled to be part of this exciting process and delighted that DKC are exploiting our full BPM Suite across all operational divisions of the company."

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About DKC:

Dubai Kennels & Cattery (DKC) is the premier and largest pet boarding facility and animal relocation service in the Middle East. It boards any type of domestic pet and every year manages the importation and exportation of thousands of animals – both domestic pets and exotics between Dubai and other countries, worldwide. For more information visit: http://www.dkc.ae/.

About Singularity

Singularity increases the performance and agility of business processes by rapid implementation of its industry-leading Business Process Management (BPM) products.

Recognized by industry experts as having the most complete case management solution of any BPM supplier, Singularity’s mission is to populate the world with agile organizations. As the leading Business Process Agility specialist Singularity today serves clients in over 30 countries from its offices in London, New York, Singapore, Ireland and India and through a network of partners globally.

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