Colosa’s ProcessMaker selected by Ed Automate to provide school districts with automation software

Ed Automate selects ProcessMaker to give schools an automation platform for all of its administrative processes, saving significant time and money

Brooklyn, NY – September 5, 2012 – Colosa, the developer of Business Process Management (BPM) solution ProcessMaker, has been chosen by Ed Automate, an education software company with over 10,000 users that apply technology within schools to save money, time, and energy to improve student performance.

Ed Automate’s process automation platform is designed specifically for K-12 school districts in the U.S. With over 16 years of education software development, Ed Automate leads in process automation for school districts. Its platform provides educators and administrators with a paper-free solution, allowing school districts to eliminate paper forms and create online processes.  Ed Automate understands the difficulties associated with paper-based processes and is 100 percent committed to improving education through automation.

Colosa’s ProcessMaker is a web-based solution that allows public and private organizations to automate form-intensive, approval-based processes across departments and systems including human resources, finance, marketing and operations.  It is also easily integrated with existing systems. 

Ed Automate will use ProcessMaker in school districts across America, automating workflows such as performance assessments, school improvement plans, and business operations. This automation enables district administrators to save money on paper costs, intelligently route forms, collect key data, and, through the platform’s robust
analysis and reporting, make data-driven decisions. 

Founder and CEO of Ed Automate, Jim Spicuzza said: “Too many schools are bogged down in paperwork and day-to-day tasks, and yet while these are important, they are not helping children. Our mission is to save time spent on these tasks so educators can focus on student achievement.”

Discussing the selection process and the decision to go with ProcessMaker, Jim Spicuzza said: “We thoroughly reviewed the market and closely-examined four or five different solutions and chose ProcessMaker because it offered the most complete suite of tools to enable us to deliver solutions to schools.  ProcessMaker’s core functionality will ensure we can build school district automation very quickly.  Our job is to quickly develop and customize processes for schools, and ProcessMaker gives us the tools to be able to do exactly that.”

Brian Reale, founder and CEO of Colosa, said: “ProcessMaker is simple and easy-to-use which sets it apart - and ensures our users get all of the features they need.  Ed Automate is taking those features and benefits of ProcessMaker and is enabling its team to spend more time and money on children, instead of administrative tasks. This
efficiency is exactly what we want to deliver, and we’re proud to be involved with Ed Automate and to be part of its goal to deliver a more efficient education system.”

About Colosa

Colosa, the company behind ProcessMaker® Open Source BPM & Workflow and ProcessMapper™ Cloud based, Social Business Process Modeling and Analysis, was founded in October 2000. It is headquartered in New York with regional offices in India, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia plus a partner network spread across 30 countries and five continents. More than 100 commercial customers including several Fortune 100 companies rely on its flagship workflow product. ProcessMaker is now available in 17 different languages and has been downloaded over 350,000 times.  Colosa is an ISO-9001 certified company.  www.colosa.com

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