BPM.com Partners with Trisotech on the Cloud App Selector

BPM.com has partnered with Business Process Incubator to provide web based service applications called Cloud Apps to the BPM.com community. These Cloud Apps are made available on the BPM.com website and can be accessed using an existing BPM.com, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account.

A widget on the left hand side of the BPM.com website provides access to the Cloud Apps selector. Clicking on the widget brings you to the Cloud Apps selector, without leaving the BPM.com website. Once you have opened the Cloud Apps selector, you simply upload a file on the top right corner of the page and the system will automatically identify the source as a MS Visio, XPDL, BPMN or MS Project.

Actions can then be taken against the identified source file and a target can be selected. For instance an MS Visio file (Source) can be converted (Action) to a BPMN 2.0 file (Target). Once an action has been completed, the result will be immediately sent to the requester in an email. The Cloud Apps also allow you to verify, validate, transform and visualize files already created to make sure they adhere to a specific format or standard.

With Business Process Incubator Cloud Apps, organizations do not need to start from scratch to benefit from the latest versions or newest standards of Business Process Management. Using existing files and submitting through the Cloud Apps selector allow them to be migrated to any other format, thus extending their use.

Business Process Incubator is a digital catalogue of BPM Specific content with an ever growing list of items that caters to all those involved in Business Process Management. The Cloud Apps are one example of how Business Process Incubator sparks to life the promise of Business Process Management.

This application is available on both WFMC.org and BPM.com. Take a look at the video below to see how it works.

Nathaniel Palmer
Author: Nathaniel PalmerWebsite: http://bpm.com
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