BPM Vendor PNMsoft Introduces Sequence Case Management


PNMsoft, the Business Process Management (BPM) software provider, launches Sequence Case Management (SCM) for unstructured dynamic case work management.

PNMsoft today announced the launch of Sequence Case Management (SCM), a Case Management software solution based on its successful intelligent Business Process Management platform, SequenceTM. In designing SCM, PNMsoft drew on its extensive experience working with Fortune-500 customers on Digital Transformation and Case Management initiatives.

PNMsoft CTO James Luxford explains
“As we enter the age of Digital Business, organizations are changing the way they work. Less serial, ‘unskilled’ processes are being performed by people, as systems take over automated tasks. As human work becomes more unstructured and specialized, experts are required to make knowledge-based decisions in an ad-hoc manner based on moment-to-moment conditions. Increasingly, teams are adopting Case Management techniques which provide better business outcomes for such scenarios. These teams require intelligent Case Management solutions which can guide and optimize their work.”

PNMsoft CEO, Gal Horvitz, highlights:
“At PNMsoft, we're seeing unprecedented demand for iBPMS-powered Case Management solutions across multiple industries. The solutions we craft, using our unique HotChange® technology, enable our customers to empower their Knowledge workers, providing them with the tools they need to make faster, better decisions.”

Horvitz continues
“SCM is providing teams with the ability to manage their workload optimally, and gives management visibility over Case Management performance with intelligent analytics. Perhaps most exciting of all, we've brought Case Management to mobile devices, opening new doors for field case workers. These innovations are transforming the way our customers do business.”

SCM includes:

  • A Case Management dashboard
  • Case data and metadata
  • Sub-processes that can be invoked dynamically
  • Document Management capabilities
  • Advanced Collaboration and Social BPM
  • Intelligent Analytics and BI

Interested to find out more? Get the Sequence Case Management white paper here.

About PNMsoft

PNMsoft is a global provider of Intelligent BPM Software (iBPMS) solutions. PNMsoft Sequence™, our Intelligent Business Process Management Suite, uses unique HotChange® technology to enable rapid build and change of high availability workflow applications, while maintaining lifecycle governance. PNMsoft is on Gartner's iBPMS Magic Quadrant.