BP Logix Announces Workflow Director 2.0

Product Delivers on Industry Needs for BPM Tools, Workflow Automation and Project Management

San Diego, CA – February 2, 2009 – BP Logix, a provider of web-based business process automation and reporting solutions, today announced the release of BP Logix Workflow Director. Comprised of a powerful workflow engine, project management, a business rules engine, electronic forms processing, reporting/activity monitoring and with the ability to integrate into most third-party and in-house applications and databases, the product addresses the needs of today’s business users. With Workflow Director 2.0, business users will have the advanced capabilities they need to provide greater agility and visibility into their business processes. The product is scheduled to be generally available on March 2, 2009.

The modular design of Workflow Director lends itself to be easily deployed and scalable for enterprise organizations, as well as at departmental levels and within medium-sized organizations. Its scalability and customization capabilities make the product highly usable for non-technical users as well. “We have been developing a lot of online solutions for our intranet relative to our business processing and workflow. We found that the ease with which we were able to deploy Workflow Director worked well for us. As beta users, the new plug-and-play front end, dynamic forms and troubleshooting capabilities of Workflow Director hold even greater promise for helping us to more efficiently manage our business processes,” observed Bruce Lawrence, Network Manager, Liquid Controls, a unit of IDEX Corporation.

According to Edward Skiko CEO of BP Logix, “This release of Workflow Director contains the features and enhancements that our customers need to more effectively address their business processes. Workflow Director also offers a unique ability to automate existing processes without requiring users to change the way they do business – and that is an important differentiator,” he remarked.

BP Logix Workflow Director is built on an integrated document management and workflow automation platform that enables business users to manage, automate and report on their organization’s business processes without requiring more than cursory support of either IT or Development resources. As importantly, it provides powerful storage, categorization and search technologies for all documents, eForms and workflow processes. The new release incorporates the following product components:

  • BPM/Workflow Automation: A powerful workflow engine that easily models review/approval procedures, automate routing, monitor results and enable content management
  • Project Management/Business Rules Engine: Accelerates the implementation of “activity-oriented” processes
  • eForms Processing: Enables organizations to route electronic forms in accordance with defined business rules and processes
  • Reporting/Activity Monitoring: Tracks, audits, and reports on workflow processes, electronic forms data and user actions.

Workflow Director 2.0 also provides built-in integration with many third party and in-house applications and databases.
“With Workflow Director 2.0, BP Logix is offering a flexible alternative to complex and pricey applications. Our modular design means that organizations can quickly, and affordably, deploy our product to help them keep pace with the businesses they support -- yet easily scale to meet new and changing requirements,” stated Joby O’Brien, VP of Development for BP Logix. “Users can experience the benefits of a robust infrastructure that addresses their needs dependably and flexibly.”

About BP Logix
BP Logix (www.bplogix.com) is an innovative provider of web-based business process automation and reporting solutions. The company is focused on providing tools that improve business management processes, enabling users to maximize efficiency and to work as intelligently with digital content as they do with paper-based information. For more information,
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