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Do I Need a Third Party BPMS?

Workflow, Business Process and Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 (SharePoint)

"For some SharePoint 2007 deployments, SharePoint workflow capability will meet your needs. There are also clear business cases for incorporating a 3rd party business process management suite (BPMS) into your SharePoint rollout."
- David Noonan, President & CEO, Bluespring Software

Many companies that deploy SharePoint 2007 require a process or workflow capability to reap full the benefits of the technology they have purchased. In response, Microsoft listened to their customer needs and built an embedded workflow capability into the product. Logically, people have begun to ask "why do I need to purchase a separate business process management suite (BPMS) if there is workflow built into SharePoint 2007?" The answer is that for some SharePoint 2007 deployments, SharePoint's workflow capability will meet your needs just fine. There are also clear business cases for incorporating a 3rd party BPMS into your SharePoint 2007 rollout. Pointing you in the right direction is a simple exercise in understanding what you are trying to accomplish and what capabilities are important to you. Bluespring BPM Suite is 3rd party BPMS that is fully integrated with SharePoint 2007. We bring the following capabilities to joint solution set that are not present in SharePoint 2007 alone:

1. Workflow Extensibility
The SharePoint 2007 workflow engine is embedded in the application, and thus only manages workflows contained inside of SharePoint. Bluespring's BPM Suite is application independent and lets you design workflows that interact not only with SharePoint, but with other third party applications as is often required in an enterprise-wide process.

2. Workflow Scope & Capability
Designing workflows inside of SharePoint 2007 is a text-based macro language design experience that comes with 6 pre-set workflows (approval, collect feedback, collect signatures, disposition approval, three states and translation management). A full process history is available but only for workflows that have completed. Bluespring's BPM Suite provides a graphical modeling design experience that comes "out of the box" with over 52 activities that span automated and manual task management; facilitating a virtually unlimited number of workflow possibilities that suit the custom needs of every business environment. BPM Suite's process monitoring capability lets you track processes "in flight". For those that have completed, BPM Suite's business intelligence capability brings 50 "out of the box" reports that yield "actionable" business insight in the form of Management Dashboards.

3. Workflow Speed of Deployment & Agility
SharePoint 2007 workflows come pre-built. Expanding them and/or making adjustments to them is a development effort that may span a few days to a number of months. Adjustments can only occur once all workflows have completed and failedworkflows must be restarted from the beginning.

Bluespring's BPM Suite's enables process owners to create custom workflows in a "zero code" environment in a matter of days and weeks. Modifications can be made to processes still "in flight" and then restarted again from any point in the process in a matter of minutes and hours.

Qualifying Questions
Thinking now about your SharePoint 2007 deployment; ask yourself the following questions:

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