Bizagi BPM Suite receives TEC Certification


Bizagi BPM supports real-world business processes and ability to perform to industry benchmarks

Bizagi, the UK-based BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) provider is proud to announce its inclusion in a leading analysts’ report.

The report - undertaken by Jorge García, TEC Analyst, on behalf of online evaluation centre www.technologyevaluation.com - sees Bizagi join leading BPM providers in TEC’s Information Management and Collaboration Center, an initiative that exists to de-risk software investments through the provision of impartial and independent analysis.

In its detailed BPM Suite Functionality review, Bizagi received above average scores in all 8 categories, exceling in Process Modeling, Form Management and achieving a perfect ranking for Security Management, defined as Bizagi’s ‘strongest and most core asset’.


Utilising the TEC Focus Indicator, the report’s creator, Jorge Garcia, was able to score Bizagi’s differentiators within the Business Process Management space, including:

  • Extensive capabilities for process monitoring & management
  • Strong and easy to use process modeling including BPMN compliance
  • Well defined and powerful tools for form design, creation & management
  • Security management – deemed ‘excellent’

Looking ahead

Noteworthy additions include Bizagi’s recently improved Business activity monitoring (BAM) and process analytics via tables. Looking forward, the report praised Bizagi’s continued drive towards adaptive Web design, (AWD) advanced case management, and future business process as a service (BPaaS) capabilities.

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