ActiveVOS BPMS Supports Deployment of Automatic Meter Management in Sweden

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ActiveVOS BPMS Supports Deployment of Automatic Meter Management in Sweden

RESTON, Va.—September 29, 2009— Active Endpoints, Inc. today announced its business process management software (BPMS) has been selected to manage the business integration processes required to build and deploy an automatic meter management solution (AMM) in Gothenburg, Sweden. Oslo, Norway-based systems integrator Integrate AS has delivered the ActiveVOS-based integration platform for Embriq a company delivering AMM infrastructure and AMM business process outsourcing services. Embriq’s AMM integration platform implements a service-oriented architecture (SOA) in which ActiveVOS is used to manage work order integration processes for smart meter installation, on-demand metering services like meter reading or power on/off and the utility’s other customer facing services.

“Working with Embriq, Integrate AS uses ActiveVOS to make it faster and easier for utilities to implement, operate and maintain smart grid technology,” says Thorsten Heller, Chief Technology Officer, Integrate AS. “Around the world, governments and utilities are looking to smart grid technology to increase energy efficiency, promote conservation and reduce climate impacts. These new smart grids require that the utilities that are deploying and operating them change many of the ways they interact with customers. With our new ActiveVOS-based BPM system, we are able to help utilities across the globe implement those changes and speed up the deployment of smart grid technology.”

ActiveVOS 7 allows the entire project team – developers, business analysts, operations staff and managers – to model, develop, test, deploy, and manage standards-based BPM applications affordably and quickly. ActiveVOS empowers development teams, makes them more self-reliant and promotes collaboration with business end users. With ActiveVOS 7’s new BPMN 2.0 modeler, teams can easily collaborate to deliver new processes on their own schedule and at a lower cost.

“In order to gain the performance, stability and flexibility to deploy and operate AMM, we at Embriq decided to build a runtime platform utilizing SOA principles and state-of-the-art technologies such as ActiveVOS business process management software which helps us speed up development and simplify operations,” said Knut Vonheim, Director for Development at Embriq.

ActiveVOS 7 is available today at Project teams are encouraged to download a free, 30-day, fully-supported trial of ActiveVOS. During the trial, users can take advantage of superior, email-based support and the wealth of training, education and samples available on Active Endpoints’ websites. Users will find the Education Center, the In-depth section and podcasts from the company’s blog especially useful.

“The success of inventive energy efficiency solutions, like smart meter reading, is dependent on the use of equally inventive new business processes,” says Eric Egertson, vice president, sales, Active Endpoints. “We are very pleased that the advanced BPM technology in ActiveVOS has been used to deliver technologies for reducing energy usage and giving utilities more control. We look forward to working with Embriq AS and their system integrators to help other utilities around the world deploy smart grids.”
About Active Endpoints, Inc.

Active Endpoints’ ActiveVOS is the business process management system (BPMS) that development teams will love. ActiveVOS empowers project teams to create business process management (BPM) applications using services, making their businesses more agile and effective. ActiveVOS promotes mass adoption of SOA-enabled BPM applications by focusing on accelerating project delivery time with a complete, affordable and easy-to­-use system. Active Endpoints is headquartered in Waltham, MA with development facilities in Shelton, CT.

About Embriq AS
Embriq provides infrastructure, software solutions and business process outsourcing services for automatic meter management (AMM).

About Integrate, AS
Integrate is a Norway-based system integrator specialized in architecting, designing and implementing integration focused solutions utilizing service oriented-architecture.