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  3. Tuesday, 13 August 2019
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Sameer Dhanrajani writes in AI For CXOs -- Redefining The Future Of Leadership In The AI Era:

To lead with AI in the enterprise, top executives will need to demonstrate high levels of adaptability and agility. Leaders need to develop a mindset to harness the strategic shifts that AI will bring in an increasingly dynamic landscape of business — which will require extreme agility. Leaders that succeed in this AI era will need to be able to build capable, agile teams that can rapidly take cognizance of how AI can be a game changer in their area of business and react accordingly. Agile teams across the enterprise will be a cornerstone of better leadership in this age of AI.

Leading with AI will also require leaders to be increasingly curious. The paradigm of conducting business in this new world is evolving faster than ever. Leaders will need to ensure that they are on top of the recent developments in the dual realms of business and technology. This requires CXOs to be positively curious and constantly on the lookout for game changing solutions that can have a discernible impact on their topline and bottom-line.

What other changes in leadership will AI bring about? Are we preparing the next generation of business leaders for these changes?
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I think there are few leaders out their today who are willing to build teams and foster innovation by truly letting the team take hold of and drive new initiatives. Leaders looking to leverage AI, will need to build teams that are able to identify opportunities for AI use, with the autonomy to plan it, present it, and implement it without leadership constraint. This is not to say they have no oversight but rather leadership that is there to help remove barriers, support the team, and serve as the champion of AI in the organization.

I have met many "leaders" who are in fact more like managers involved in every detail. Leaders recognize the expertise, skills, and drive of their team members and encourage innovation by allowing them to do what they do best, rather than impede them by injecting their own mandates and directives. As long as the earn is focused on a common end goal that aligns with the corporate goals, the new leader should be there to support and champion their efforts.
Bob Larrivee
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Interesting statement and it depends a little bit on the author's definition of leadership, which is well on its way to become a hollow phrase I'm afraid.

Nevertheless, I look upon leadership as a person leading/managing other people and when looked at this statement from this perspective I would argue that the majority (and then I mean 95%+) of all existing managers do not have the basics of leadership at their fingertips and that would need to be the very first thing they need to focus oni.

For sure, there will be some revoluationairy leaders that use AI to improve their leadership, but this is for the happy few, not the masses. So, no, I don't think AI will change leadership soon (it will on the long term I guess).
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The connecting narrative for most of the current "Digital Transformation" trends, we found to revolve around data (collection, MDM, warehousing etc.) and data science that then in turn enable AI and ML.
So, yes, AI definitively is provoking fundamental change when it comes to management, leadership but also pretty much any other role in the organization. Being the introduction of BPM, RPA, AI and other concepts and technologies mostly Top-Down approaches, it especially falls on the shoulders of the leadership to become "data-lexic" in order to drive AI successfully in the company and to evangelize the team members, lowering the naturally ever present resistance to change. In that sense, being data science enabled and fluent should be the #1 priority for leadership to stand fighting chance with AI in particular and DT in general.
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Let's take 5 to 10% off over there, Squirrely Dan. I'm not sure what Mr. Dhanrajani is selling here, but I'm pretty sure I don't need one. The whole thing reads to me like, “AI is new, and great leaders have to learn how to deal with technologies that are new”.

Wanna know what “AI leaders” need most right now? They need to buckle down and start trying to understand what AI (by which they usually mean machine learning, so... not a good start) is. I mean, quite literally: what is it? What is required to make it work? (Spoiler: it's data; mountains upon mountains of data.) How is it used today? And then, and only then: what can it do for us?
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Any Intelligent Automation or AI is certainly going to grow and improve both user experiences and efficiency within business operational activity. BUT there is a corresponding risk where going wrong could be very "expensive". C level management will need to make efforts to understand exactly what and how the data output is created and should expect to see a detailed history of who created and authorised each step within the build of the final outcome. The big question who is going to take responsibility at "C" level to implement such necessary action which must be driven by business language. This is where BPM could have powerful but simple role to set up the creation of such opportunities. As I have said before the accounting profession should have an interest to support required assurance and any required compliance all of which would come under scrutiny of the audit.
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