Why Should Businesses Use Process Management?

Traditionally, company management systems were conceived and structured to work using functions. However, in reality all companies perform their activities according to workflows which are coordinated and aligned with company culture, strategy and objectives, known as processes.


A process is a combination of coordinated activities or events that are carried out (alternately or simultaneously) for a specific purpose.

It is an undeniable reality that every company or organization is managed internally using processes (even if they are unaware of it), given that all their activities are undertaken and coordinated to achieve specific objectives. In fact, the sum of all of the processes defines the company’s entire activity. In other words, all activities performed by a company or organization are the sum of its processes. Some of these processes can be simple and do not need defining (for example, an employee handing in a document to their supervisor to be approved or validated), and others can be more complex and very structured. But all of them need to be managed.

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