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Appian White Paper

Driving Digital Business and Engagement through an Application Platform

Organizations across all industries continue to adopt today’s most innovative technologies to ensure business success. Appian recently conducted an industry- wide survey on business trends, technological adoption and current goals in process excellence. To no surprise, most respondents expressed value in emerging technologies as critical components of their business that ultimately preserve customer satisfaction.

The challenge for businesses moving forward remains how to make sense of enterprise technologies such as mobile, social, data and cloud as an all- encompassing approach to sustainable business. IT departments can no longer keep up with in-house software customization, where development is limited to a single purpose, app-by-app design approach.

Though survey results indicated that enterprise technology will continue to play a large role in digital business transformation, a crucial ingredient for success was missing. Alarmingly, not a single person surveyed thought improved employee experience was a factor in achieving business goals.

The following white paper examines how a modern enterprise application platform can serve as the ideal solution to both business challenges. Business transformation from an application platform approach allows organizations to harness mobile, data, social collaboration and cloud in single solution, deployed across the entire company. Making data and process available through an intuitive platform allows employees to be more engaged than ever, connected to the knowledge and awareness needed to achieve business results.



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