Process Improvement is the Catalyst for Digital Transformation

AIIM and FlowForma Tip SheetOrganizations grapple with digital transformation because it requires assimilating digital technology into all areas of the enterprise and fundamentally changing how the organization operates. And while digital transformation may seem like it’s just about technology, the transformation that matters most is strategic. Real transformation requires a holistic embracement of new ways of working that leverage advancements in disciplines like artificial intelligence, process automation and intelligent information management.

How can you avoid the pitfalls and make the most of digital transformation? One way is by focusing on process improvement as the catalyst for change. Digital transformation demands the automation of hundreds or thousands of processes, so it makes sense to use a processbased approach as a framework for strategic design and decision-making. Plus, modern process automation tools have emerged that work to build and adapt processes quickly to eliminate paper-bound inefficiencies and more immediately deliver digtal-age improvements to operational performance.

Process improvement is the perfect catalyst for digital transformation; as you identify gaps in the performance of key processes you will begin to uncover the specific ways that the workflow can benefit from digital transformation.

Download this handy tipsheet from aiim and Flowforma to find out more.

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