Accelerate Application Development the Modern Way

Read this infographic to learn why–and how open source middleware can help reduce your application development infrastructure costs by 65%, improve your developers’ annual application production by 51%, reduce the cost to manage applications after deployment by 89%, and many other benefits.

Platform 6

IDC studied the business value and benefits that three JBoss customers achieved by modernizing their middleware infrastructure with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. The study found that by moving to Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6, these customers were able to:

The Benefits of Migrating

Read this paper to learn about the characteristics of a modern middleware platform and how companies benefit from migrating from older inflexible monolithic infrastructures to a modular and flexible environment.

Mobile Innovation Platforms

This Guide describes the challenges enterprises face in empowering a new generation of mobile workers. It also illustrates how solutions delivered on the Appian BPM Suite application platform enable developers to rapidly deliver secure and high-value mobile process solutions.


Your Business in the Cloud

Business Process Management Software in the cloud enables strategic process improvement, reduced technology cost, and better alignment of IT with business goals. A Cloud BPM platform can drive new growth opportunities, increase profit margins for the private sector, and achieve more efficient and effective missions for federal agencies.



PNMsoft Sequence iBPMS

Businesses today are realizing that their processes must be more agile. No longer can fully automated, linear processes answer the needs of optimization, response to change and organizational connectivity. The business world requires a more flexible, intelligent solution.