Your Business in the Cloud

Business Process Management Software in the cloud enables strategic process improvement, reduced technology cost, and better alignment of IT with business goals. A Cloud BPM platform can drive new growth opportunities, increase profit margins for the private sector, and achieve more efficient and effective missions for federal agencies.



Changing In-Flight Business Processes

PNMsoft Sequence is an iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management Suite). This demonstration will show how PNMsoft Sequence’s HotChange® technology enables BPM customers to change processes which are already being run in the production envi- ronment.

Case Study - Ossur

Össur is a global leader in non-invasive orthopaedics. From its headquarters in Iceland, the company maintains a presence in the Americas, Europe, Asia and beyond where its mantra, “Life Without Limitations”, is embraced by some 2200 employees.

PNMsoft Sequence iBPMS

Businesses today are realizing that their processes must be more agile. No longer can fully automated, linear processes answer the needs of optimization, response to change and organizational connectivity. The business world requires a more flexible, intelligent solution.

Evolutionary BPM

This white paper describes a new methodology for BPM (Business Process Management) Software development projects. This methodology is related to the Agile approach, but is unique to the field of BPM. It is employed by PNMsoft and by PNMsoft partners such as Solutions BPM. The intended result of this approach is that the company which employs it will attain rapid ROI on their BPM investment, and better value on the long term as well.

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