The Business Value of Red Hat Integration Products

Read this white paper to learn about the six organizations that IDC interviewed that report achieving significant business value by using Red Hat JBoss Fuse, in particular, and making their application integration and development efforts more effective and productive. These six organizations are achieving a 3-year average return on investment (ROI) of 488%, and earning back their investments in Red Hat JBoss Fuse in 8.2 months.

The Forrester Wave

Read this report to compare 14 of the most significant middleware providers and their fit for hybrid scenarios between the cloud and on-premises, as well as across the different traditional on-premises integration capabilities to help you select the right partner for your hybrid integration endeavors.

Re-Think Data Integration

Read this white paper to learn about a lean form of on-demand data integration technology called data virtualization. Deploying data virtualization results in BI systems with simpler and more agile architectures that can confront the new challenges much easier.

All the key concepts of data virtualization are described, including logical tables, importing data sources, data security, caching, and query optimization. Examples are given of application areas of data virtualization for BI, such as virtual data marts, big data analytics, extended data warehouse, and offloading cold data.



The Intelligent Integrated Enterprise Advantage

Read this paper to learn how you can create an intelligent, integrated enterprise that dramatically increases both customer satisfaction and profitability. By leveraging business intelligence to integrate and manage widely distributed systems, your organization can meet and exceed enterprise commitments to customers.

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

The application platform provides foundational technology for both Red Hat JBoss Middleware and IBM’s middleware offerings. Red Hat and IBM offer their application platforms—Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and IBM WebSphere, both as standalone technology, and as the basis of other enterprise technologies for business rules, enterprise service bus, business process management, mobile devices, and more.

Deploy Full Java EE Applications in the Cloud

Many organizations developing business-critical Java EE applications are struggling to keep up with the fast-changing business environment.