Procurement Analytics

Innovations and technological advances are disrupting virtually every industry. And procurement is in a unique position to provide significant value to the enterprise by fostering innovation from suppliers. Become an innovation leader with help from a new ebook by renowned supply chain expert Dr. Robert Handfield. This ebook outlines a proven five-step process for harnessing the power of supplier innovation — innovation that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Performance Tracking

At the core of any successful organization are well-defined and optimized processes. These workflows must be repeatable with predictably strong results to satisfy customer needs and promote growth.


Have you already invested in Business Process Management (BPM) before? Have you spent a lot of time and money on it, but still not achieved the desired results? You can be sure, you are not alone.

AuraPortal Whitepaper

In 2010 NEW MILLENNIA decided to implement an automated and centralized control of the services they were providing to their clients. The Solution was AuraPortal.

Case Study KPN

KPN is offering their customers the most extensive (IP) network within the Netherlands which means optimum customer coverage. By providing such a complete network customers are also guaranteed high quality and availability.

Case Study GMX Seguros

GMX Seguros is a 100% Mexican Insurance Company, committed to heritage protection and security using innovative products, offering its vast experience and support.