Changing In-Flight Business Processes Using PNMsoft’s HotChange® Technology

Changing In-Flight Business Processes

PNMsoft Sequence is an iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management Suite). This demonstration will show how PNMsoft Sequence’s HotChange® technology enables BPM customers to change processes which are already being run in the production envi- ronment. HotChange® enables modifications to all aspects of a process including: flow, business rules, form fields, new activities, permissions, devices, and integration with exter- nal systems. Customers using HotChange® are better able to compete, as they can more quickly adapt their business critical processes to real world conditions and a changing mar- ketplace. This demo will be of major interest to attendees interested in Process Improve- ment, Change Management and Intelligent Business Operations.



Eli Stutz
Author: Eli StutzWebsite: http://www.pnmsoft.com
Head of Knowledge and Collaboration, PNMsoft