Using QuickModel(spreadsheet like process design), even colleagues without any knowledge of BPMN 2.0 can be included in modeling business processes. This makes Signavio the pioneer in collaborative process design. Through a robust API, Signavio’s software can be integrated with other enterprise IT systems such as CRM and ERP. Signavio’s support of process execution engines including Activiti and jBPM creates an ideal platform for improving enterprise operational efficiency.Our process validation module ensures that all models are developed according to the standards you define, no matter who creates the model. With the help of an internal control system, risks and controls can be attached to any step of the process to avoid relevant risks. For modeling experts, the tool provides the ability to test and compare models for optimizing workflow design. Signavio’s simulation package provides an efficient way to test various models before making the implementation decision. Thanks to the Software as a Service Edition, you can start with professional business process management right away, without having to install anything.



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