Managing Knowledge-driven Processes

A conversation on the next frontier for knowledge workers, by the industry's top experts on case management & content management

Wednesday, December 3, 2014: Webinar Recording Now Available!

In today’s hyper-dynamic business environment, delivering great service and customer experiences is critical. But in order to do that, organizations need the flexibility to break out of rigid procedures and processes and give knowledge workers the freedom—and the tools—to capture, share, develop and use different types of knowledge.

Join us for a conversation with Neil Ward-Dutton, MWD Advisors and Nathaniel Palmer, BPM.com where they will discuss how case management technology can help organizations drive better results across multiple business activities.

What You Will Learn:

- How knowledge-driven processes enables superior services and customer experiences over traditional rigid procedures and routine work

- Why case workers can only deliver the most effective business outcomes if key content and documents are effectively created, stored, managed and controlled

- The Top 7 Critical Questions which will uncover the particular content management requirements your case management implementation demands

The live webinar recording is below.


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About the Speakers

Neil Ward-Dutton

Neil is MWD Advisors' co-founder and Research Director, and is one of Europe's most experienced and high-profile IT industry analysts. His areas of expertise include Business Process Management (BPM), Customer Experience (CX), Enterprise Architecture (EA), Cloud computing and IT strategy. Neil acts as an advisor to to large IT organisations across a range of industries, helping teams deliver successful business outcomes from their technology investments.  

Nathaniel Palmer, VP and CTO, BPM.com

Rated as the #1 Most Influential Thought Leader in Business Process Management (BPM) by independent research, Nathaniel is recognized as one of the early originators of BPM, and has the led the design for some of the industry’s largest-scale and most complex projects, involving investments of $200 Million or more.