Growing Your Business with BPM

Opportunity Knocks. Be Ready.

JSR Micro came upon a tremendous business opportunity to expand into new markets. But they knew that the path from idea to product to business success is rarely linear -- and that identifying key processes and optimizations was critical to sustainable growth. And they took that knowledge to the bank.



Success in a Global Marketplace

How you deliver a product or service into the hands of customers matters: to quality, to institutional longevity, and to profitability. Read our white paper on how to ride better business processes to business success to learn more, and to hear about how JSR Micro leveraged business process management and case management to transform their business.

With our expansion into Energy & Environment and Life Sciences, we were faced with challenges. With the help of Intalio and Innovelocity, we implemented scalable solutions to address all of our needs.

John Nishikawa, JSR Micro

JSR Micro is a great model for successful BPM initiatives -- and most compelling is that they have the numbers to prove it. Their proven, metric-driven approach should be studied by any organization considering or pursuing BPM to grow their business.

Nathaniel Palmer, BPM.com

Intalio provides the essential features, flexibility and scalability that our customers like JSR Micro require to make their business transformation journey successful.

Neil Simpson



Meet the Panelists

nathaniel palmerNathaniel Palmer

VP and CTO, BPM.com
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Jim MulreadyJim Mulready

VP Global Quality Assurance, JSR Micro
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neil simpsonNeil Simpson

Founder and Principal Innovelocity
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