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The EMC Documentum xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP) is a comprehensive set of software products that support the definition, execution, and monitoring of processes, involving both human workflow and system-based activities. In addition, xCP manages all the various types of information that support the needs of the process.

By automating business processes with EMC Documentum xCP, any enterprise will readily gain access to information that is up-to-date, tracked, and visible across the organization. Workers have a holistic view of their work from beginning to end as well as a sense of ownership. With all information and its context aggregated into a single application, workers can consult internal and external resources, and review and make better decisions. This aggregated view also enables tasks that would require sequential processing to be done in parallel, speeding process outcomes.

Documentum xCP offers a unified, highly scalable platform for the design, execution, monitoring, and optimization of content and information intensive business processes. The easy-to-use graphical tools speed process modeling and orchestration, while the process engine handles task processing through configurable queues, workflow management, and notification services. Process analysis and activity monitoring components provide information to improve operational efficiencies, achieve compliance, and maximize responsiveness to evolving business conditions. Specific benefits of this solution include:

  • Increased worker productivity with a Web-based interface tailored to users’ specific roles and tasks, as well as automation of repetitive and manual tasks.
  • Faster, lower cost development and deployment of applications with graphical modeling tools, reusable components, and solution accelerators.
  • Reduced risk by ensuring that processes adhere to best practices, compliance policies, and management controls.
  • Improved decision quality and operational efficiency by consolidating information, automating processes, and monitoring performance with dashboards, event notifications, advanced search, content analytics, and graphical, real-time reporting.
  • End to end information governance with a comprehensive platform that provides unified and consistent policy enforcement, security, monitoring, and auditing across all your processes and information.

Documentum xCP includes:

  • A highly visual “process laboratory” for business analysts
  • A model-driven composition environment that allows BPM and case management applications to be easily configured for rapid implementation, as opposed to requiring expensive and time-consuming custom software code to define new or modified functionality
  • Persistent state management for long-running business processes
  • Work queue and work policy management for high-volume tasks, straight-through automated processing, and transactional processes
  • Support for ad hoc collaborative processes
  • Rich user-interaction features including collaboration, electronic forms, and configurable, role-based work interfaces
  • A service-oriented integration framework that allows external applications, data sources, and people to participate in the business process
  • Comprehensive content and data management capabilities for information-rich processes, including advanced compliance and records management capabilities
  • Proactive monitoring and management of business processes
  • Tight integration with EMC’s solutions for intelligent data capture and customer communications management
  • Advanced data analytics to help information workers make better and more impactful business decisions



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