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About Zurich

Zurich is a global, multi-line insurance company that helps customers identify and manage their risks, then curates insurance cover to protect against or mitigate them. It’s a large organization with 55,000 employees spread across 200 locations.

Zurich’s field agents spend most of their time meeting with clients and producing proposals. They needed to find a way to make taking their work on the road painless. Given the ultra-competitive industry, it was also essential the service delivered to clients was a great one.

One of the best ways to do this was to ensure their documents were easily accessible regardless of location and to make their decision-making and quote generation processes more efficient and simpler. The question then became who could make their dreams a reality. Zurich’s Product Management team began their quest to find insurance automation software. The search came to a successful end when they discovered Fluix.

“Fluix and its team are something that I'd recommend to both friends and peers if they are looking into taking their business processes to the next level.”
Martin Weber
Senior Business Analyst, Zurich


Zurich agents followed a specific process to understand and evaluate their client's risk exposure. They would begin by assessing basic information, then deep dive into life and non-life factors like property and liability, to pinpoint the risks and recommend the most appropriate solution(s).

For product recommendations, it was standard practice to create a quote and then send it off to the client for signing. Yet, it wasn’t straightforward. The problem was that supporting documents, client proposals, and pricing were stored in hard copies and printed PDF documents.

Even after the quote was signed, the document had to be forwarded for review multiple times to many people before it was given the go-ahead. Agents then gathered the quotes before sending them in bulk to reviewers to reduce mailing costs and administration time, slowing down processing times to snail’s pace. They then had to repeat the entire process for each risk exposure their client had.

Zurich's IT infrastructure was also somewhat fragmented. For example, they used a range of quoting tools, each with differing capabilities. These problems caused endless delays and frustrations along with mounting costs. There had to be a better way.

Zurich knew the way forward was to jump on the bandwagon of digitalization in the insurance industry. They set out to hunt for an all-in-one insurance workflow automation solution that could synchronize these tools and improve their operations.


Zurich's Product Management team was ready to digitally transform the company, streamlining both remote and on-site work. They wanted insurance automation software that could:

  1. Host a digital document library that was accessible offline and online to equip their agents with 2,000+ supporting documents and quoting tools to serve clients.
  2. Enable staff and clients to sign documents electronically from a digital library and quoting systems.
  3. Provide system-supported and automated workflows to relieve their agents from navigating complex decision trees alone.
  4. Reduce Zurich's dependence on paper files and mailing documents.
  5. Improve their agents' productivity and the overall customer experience.

“We were looking for a solution that addressed all three of our outlined areas (document library, eSignature, and automated workflows). This gave Fluix a big advantage over other promoted solutions that only offered either of these options.”
Martin Weber
Senior Business Analyst, Zurich


Since using Fluix in its insurance sales process, Zurich has had significant success:

  • Cutting costs by removing printing and mailing requirements.
  • Saving time and effort by building a comprehensive document history archive easily tracking past actions.
  • Driving greater efficiency by enabling digital documents with built-in rules
  • to reduce the risk of errors.
  • Increasing client onboarding and satisfaction rates through eSignature and online processing capabilities.
  • Improving agent engagement and usage of Fluix solutions with 60,000 documents signed and processed in just 9 months.

“Fluix was the perfect solution for our agents as it allowed us to integrate all product lines that they can offer, as well as making us independent from the maturity of the actual system. Furthermore, when looking into the future, Fluix also allows us to maintain a ‘stable’ UI while cleaning up the picture on the backend.”
Martin Weber
Senior Business Analyst, Zurich


  • Skyrocketing- admin, printing & postage costs
  • Time-consuming paperwork or quote & review processes
  • Fragmented decision-making in the field
  • Employee and customer friction


  • Substantial cost savings from reduced printing & mailing
  • 100% paperless processes: 60k documents signed & processed digitally in the first 9 months
  • Increased efficiency & decreased error rate
  • Improved client onboarding and satisfaction rates

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