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Avio is a world-wide leader in the aerospace industry. Based in Italy, Avio is a leading supplier of engine modules and components and it also operates in aircraft engines repair and overhaul with its Avioservice Division. In 2009, Avioservice Division started a new initiative for streamlining its Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MR&O) process of military engines in order to be able to sustain the new business and market conditions. The main objective of this initiative was to improve the performance of the process in meeting contractual SLAs in a new business environment where the repair and overhaul of several engines types, coming from completely new customers, is regulated by very different and very specific contractual agreements.

As a result of the initiative, a system has been developed to govern the workflow of each engine in its company’s “door-to-door” path and to collect actual performance measurements of the overall process which spans several organizational units.

EPA Connect

Executive Summary / Abstract

epa connect GmbH supports the technology systems for its sister company, impuls Finanzmanagement, a market leader in independent consulting and procurement of private health insurance contracts. Several complex processes are involved with impuls Finanzmanagement’s day-to-day business as the company compares offers from several insurance companies, analyzes the coverage and calculates price-performance benefits. The company also guarantees acceptance by the insurance companies from which they receive offers and provides advisors who council customers through the whole process.

Toyota Spain

Executive Summary / Abstract

Toyota is a well-known, leading worldwide automobile manufacturer. In Spain it is represented through its subsidiary Toyota España, which has a broad network of dealers to cover the Spanish territory, providing selling and technical assistance to end customers. The Toyota dealers are grouped into an association, who, sponsored by Toyota, took on the BPMS project in order to build an Intranet to manage and control their own environmental best practices according to Toyota policies and the ISO 14001 standard. Thus, the BPMS allowed the more than 250 Toyota dealers within the network to meet environmental Toyota practices with less human effort and the fewer technical and economic resources.

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