National Institute of Mental Health, USA

Executive Summary / Abstract

There is a critical need within the government to manage IT procurements in such a way as to ensure compliance with organizational and governmental stan dards, to secure the appropriate review and approvals for all such procurements, and to account for procurements and expenditures. To achieve this objective, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), needed a more effective methodology and a more efficient business process for acquiring, tracking and managing IT equipment procurement. NIMH was able to accomplish this goal by designing a procurement process that sup ported compliance requirements, while also providing a comprehensive review and approval process for all procurements. To develop and implement that process, NIMH licensed business process management (BPM) software to auto mate and streamline its IT Procurement system.

Lincoln Trust Company, USA

Executive Summary / Abstract

Lincoln Trust Company constituted a BPM program in 2007 with the initial goals focused on operational efficiency and going paperless in our back office processes. The overall program has been widely acknowledged for its tremendous success and directly contributed to Lincoln Trust Company’s survival in the face of the global financial crisis. This paper discusses the continuation of the program and specifically describes our experiences implementing one of our most evolved BPM processes to date.

Over the past year Lincoln Trust Company has faced a new, better, and very significant challenge- growth! One of Lincoln Trust Company’s most strategic business channels has developed a partner channel that has resulted in a 100% increase in sales from last year and is anticipating 1000% increases in new plan establishment. Thrilled with the prospects, but concerned with the impact to new customers, staff, and budget, Lincoln Trust Company executive management decided to leverage our BPM competencies to achieve a vision to provide “white glove” treatment to our new customers, automate the process, and significantly reduce the need for additional staffing within the business unit. The new business process is not only allowing us to efficiently establish significant new business, it is also seen as a sales differentiator helping our sales staff win new business. For the first time, IT is being invited by the business on sales presentations to partner in the discussion of superior process and technology for our customers.

Farmers Insurance Group,  United States

Executive Summary / Abstract

To leverage the power of their many recent acquisitions, Farmers Insurance Group assembled a road map of activities encompassing more than 300 separate initiatives to be accomplished through cooperative efforts between business teams and IT. Farmers’ challenge was integrating the technology of legacy customer services systems from their acquired companies and, in doing so, ensure a unified consistent standard of quality of customer service for all Farmers customers.

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