ArcelorMittal Foundation, Brazil

Executive Summary / Abstract

ArcelorMittal Foundation (AMF) is an organization created to carry out ArcelorMittal’s private social investment actions, for the sake of those communities wherein the Company has industrial units. The Foundation develops its activities in 48 municipalities, through 14 social programs in the fields of education, health, environment and culture. As a result of its BPM initiative, within the cultural field, 100 percent of their project proposals can be submitted and evaluated via electronic forms. This represents an increase of 50 percent in the number of project responses. Also, a 50 percent reduction in the time to evaluate each proposal was achieved. As a result of this BPM initiative, which included a tightly integrated SOA environment, a new and improved AMF system was launched called the “CTRL Cultura” system.

CONAGUA: Comisión Nacional del Agua, Mexico

Executive Summary / Abstract

As a result of regulations and initiatives of the Government of Mexico in 2004, the Subdirección General de Infraestructura Hidroagrícola1 of CONAGUA –Comisión Nacional del Agua2 decided to start a BPM project in order to standardize, organ-ize and control the management processes of budgetary resources for public works and procurement services (more than one thousand million dollars each year), through an online system of information available for public consultation by citizens.

With over seven years of implementing BPM, the CONAGUA Subdirección General de Infraestructura Hidroagrícola reports multiple benefits: greater adoption of BPM (from 1 to 18 processes in place, with 700% growth in number of users and the incorporation 23 new states, 13 regions and 15 cities to the project), a recovery of the total investment in the first 18 months and savings in materials / supplies of USD340,000 a year and current expenditure of USD238,000, greater employee satisfaction (50 and 76%) due to a 67% reduction in administrative and manual activities -mostly reporting; improved citizen perception and credibility due to availability of information about the public works for hydro-agricultural infra-structure development; numerous awards received: Honorable Mention in the 2005 Annual Award of Transparency, Innova acknowledgement for considering that the system has a favorable impact on the six good governance strategies; among others. It is important to mention that although the processes were targeted to public works, now they also serve to manage both the substantive associated products and services or investment, and current expenditure.

Unimed Porto Alegre Medical Co-operative Ltd, Brazil

Executive Summary / Abstract

Proper monitoring of the contractual instruments which govern relations between clients and providers is a prerequisite for the efficient management of an organization. Unimed Porto Alegre, the leading medical co-operative in the south of Brazil, recognizes the importance of optimizing the management of its contracts both with corporate clients and providers. Our priorities are standardization, monitoring, speed of response and risk reduction. Through the use of the BPM approach and the automation of processes we have been able not only to revolutionize the way in which we monitor and manage our contracts but also to open the way for a wide number of automation and optimization initiatives in other departments.

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