Bogdan Nafornita"If you automate a crappy process, you'll get a crappy automated process."
Bogdan Nafornita

James Staten"Start with a forthcoming customer experience value and apply a chain of modern and emerging technologies to address this solution. Brian’s suggestion: 'Challenge your team and colleagues to identify important chains and match future technology potential with painful business pressure points.'"
-James Staten

Max Young"It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change."
-Max Young

Alexander Samarin"BPM is the future of microservices. There are two main problems with microservices: 1) granularity of microservices and 2) complexity of microservices-based applications. BPM solves these two problems naturally."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

Ian Gotts"It is incredibly difficult to change the culture and direction of a large organization. Digital transformation is probably the hardest as it challenges the business models that underpin the entire company. Therefore the threat needs to be SO HUGE that everyone from the very top sees the 'burning platform'."
-Ian Gotts

"Mckinsey research finds that the effective use of digital technologies in the oil and gas sector can reduce capital expenditures by up to 20 percent and cut operating costs by 3 to 5 percent."
-Jenna Harvey