Keith Swenson"Models have served their role in history but now we are seeing a new trend we have seen the limit to what process models can offer. We’re now finding the business process models are holding organizations back."
-Keith Swenson

Alison DeNisco Rayome"Two-thirds of organizations often bypass IT when purchasing new technologies for digital transformation, according to the report."
-Alison DeNisco Rayome

Malcolm Ross"You want to have an overall intelligent automation practice with a strong grounding of four key technologies. As we said before, BPM and rules, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and the fourth one that's very important is integration. How do I integrate data services together into these overall automation practices?"
-Malcolm Ross

Nathaniel Palmer"There is almost always more value to be realized, and greater chances for success, by leveraging Intelligent Automation to facilitate task assignment, sequencing steps, enforcing rules, and other means of work management – rather than seeking to fully replace the work otherwise performed by human beings."
-Nathaniel Palmer

Austin Gresham"Digital transformation is such a complete alteration in how most businesses operate that it requires leadership from the C-suite and board of directors and buy-in at every level of an organization."
-Austin Gresham

Francis Cardin"The idea of using AI with RPA doesn’t fly – at least not right now. AI must live central to anything an enterprise does, everywhere. AI needs data, and LOTS of it. But very little of that will come because of RPA."
-Francis Carden