Keith Swenson"The problem with a specification that does not have running code is that the English language text is subject to interpretation. Until implemented, the precise meaning of phrases of the spec can not be known. I say: the code is 10 times more detailed than the spec can ever be; until you have the code you can not be sure of the intent of the spec. Once code is written and running, you can compare implementations and sort out the differences."
-Keith Swenson

Nathaniel Palmer"We are going to need an army of robot lawyers to combat an army of robot lawyers for every transaction we do. Previous laws are based on a utility curve that assumes a limit to how much effort you would be willing to put in, but robots don’t care about that utility curve."
-Nathaniel Palmer

Mark Raskino"Forty-seven percent of CEOs are being challenged by the board of directors to make progress in digital business, and 56 percent said that their digital improvements have already improved profits. 'CEO understanding of the benefits of a digital business strategy is improving,' said Mr. Raskino."

Scott Francis "He (Nathaniel Palmer) isn’t arguing that BPMS’ will define the 21st century – but that process will."
-Scott Francis

"Lastly, perhaps the most common mistake is aiming too low and underestimating the potential of RPA. This is every bit as powerful, with an equivalent potential for disruption, as adding physical robots into the enterprise workforce. 'But it’s just screen-scraping on steroids!' No. It is far more powerful than that. Don’t waste any time with such nattering nabobs of negativism. RPA is something entirely new, and as part of a broader BPM strategy enables levels of efficiency and digitalization previously out of reach."
-Nathaniel Palmer

"If you have in place an opportunity for feedback on your new business process, you’ll be able to start evolving and improving your new process from day one. Remember that being able to evolve your business processes on an ongoing basis is really only possible with BPM software technology."
-John Morris