Neil Ward-Dutton"There's a new wave of automation breaking, and process application platforms are only one piece of the technology that need to be considered."
-Neil Ward-Dutton

Alberto Manual"The customer wants to have the freedom to design interaction on his own terms."
-Alberto Manuel

"In an environment characterized by advanced process automation capabilities and new digital process design opportunities, a purely reactive and problem-driven approach to BPM is no longer sufficient. Instead, BPM needs to become ambidextrous, i.e., it must leverage digital technologies for both streamlining and innovating business processes."
-Kerpedzhiev, König, Röglinger, Rosemann

Ethan Stine"Recent studies indicate that ROI from RPA deployment can vary enormously (from 30% to 200%), depending on how effectively automation is aligned to respective processes."
-Ethan Stine

John Morris"It’s not often apparent to first-time users of BPM software that they may have in fact purchased two BPM systems! There is (1) the BPM modeling system and (2) there’s the BPM system that is used every day by people working on real live business processes."
-John Morris

Daniel Newman"The customer experience (including employees) is the ultimate goal of any digital transformation. Customers are more cautious than ever; they’ll turn away from brands that don’t align with their values and needs."
-Daniel Newman