Leslie Joseph"The RPA Of The Future Is A Feature, Not A Product."
Leslie Joseph

Neil Ward-Dutton"When you start to look at all of the other automation-related technologies that are trending—such as RPA, AI, machine learning, and decision management—BPM plays an important role as the conductor of all of these capabilities."
Neil Ward-Dutton

Nigel Fenwick"What every company needs is a solid business strategy built around tomorrow’s digital capabilities."
-Nigel Fenwick

Bogdan Nafornita"You can't seriously be a digital company without two pillars: data and process."
-Bogdan Nafornita

Keith Swenson"One question I would like to know is whether ANYONE has seen a process model developed for one organization successfully re-used at a different organization?"
-Keith Swenson

David Patterson"Moore’s Law is over, ushering in a golden age for computer architecture."
-David Patterson