Jason Bloomberg"Such [Low-Code/No-Code] innovations are too disruptive – so disruptive, in fact, that many different constituencies are resisting, each one sticking its thumb in the dike, hoping to hold back the ocean."
-Jason Bloomberg

Karl Walter Keirstead"Operational efficiency, for sure, can be achieved by automating business processes but to achieve effectiveness it is Case goals, not the goals of BPM professionals, that need to receive the focus."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

Connie Moore"The organizational and technological fallout from digital disruption touches every single industry, organization, and business process. Companies can no longer operate in geographical and functional silos that may have been created over 100 years ago."
-Connie Moore

Neil Ward-Dutton"80% of CIOs said that they expect to play more active roles in digital transformation initiatives over the next two years, according to research by MWD advisors."
-Neil Ward-Dutton

Cecile Hurley"Business Process Management (BPM) is the answer to help an organization begin their digital transformation journey and exceed customer expectations. Business Process Management segments the digital transformation process into three easy steps: define the current state, achieve a target state and continuous improvement."
-Cecile Hurley

Keith Swenson"The business process holy grail still eludes the industry as we discover that organizations consist of interactions patterns that are much more complex than we previously realized. No simple solution will ever be found for this inherently complex problem, but the search for some means to keep it under control goes on."
-Keith Swenson