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  3. Tuesday, 09 October 2018
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It seems like every technology these days boasts about how it improves customer experience. But why is so much customer service still so bad? Is it a problem of technology, or is it something else?
Jim Sinur Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Blog Writer
It makes perfect sense that a large majority of consumers say their digital customer experiences fall short of their expectations as organizations that have embraced digital to focus it on their own operational efficiency almost exclusively. Of course organizations were forced to go mobile and handle multiple channel or be left in the dust, but few organizations have taken an outside in view of services and products and leverage customer journeys, better processes, personas, NLP enhanced digital assistants while giving consumers an acceptable level of process visibility. Instead consumers are forced to traverse an organizations skill silos to attain their personal goals even if it means jumping around voice enabled servicing, leveraging multiple calls or self servicing on difficult web sites. Organizations have a long way to go to change this situation. Often new process models aligned with customer journeys win the day with digital. The ball is in organizations court to take on better end to end customer journeys.
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  2. https://jimsinur.blogspot.com/2017/10/customer-journey-mapping-vendors-rated.html
Juan J Moreno Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I think pure-digital, 100% cloud businesses have improved customer experience to an impressive level. Just a few examples, Amazon (vs traditional retails), GMail (vs POP3 and IMAP clients), Netflix (vs Blockbuster), Flokzu (vs On-Premise BPM Tools ;) ), etc, etc. The list is endless, but you got the point.

So now, we expect the same excellent customer service in every company.
It doesn't mean customer service is bad everywhere. But it is certainly below our expectations.

As Jim Sinur says, now the ball is in organizations court to improve customer service above our expectations. :)
CEO at Flokzu Cloud BPM Suite
Promoting your own stuffies on BPM.com; not such a good experience to me ;-)
  1. Emiel Kelly
  2. 1 week ago
I must live in a different world, as Amazon is my example of one of my consistently-worst customer experiences. 2-months deliveries for a couple of books are the norm with these guys, if they ever deliver. No tracking info, lame chat support and, best of all, all their emails apologizing and trying to credit me with $5 for the trouble are signed, invariably, "Sent by the most customer-centric company in the world".
  1. Bogdan Nafornita
  2. 1 week ago
Fred Nickols Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I'm cynical. I don't believe most organizations are willing to put their money where their mouths are. In other words, they say they value the customer experience but they won't spend the money necessary to provide it. Some organizations are; some are not. In short, deeds don't match words.
Dr Alexander Samarin Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I think that some companies are using the "potemkin village" approach to become digital. I remember that once I had a problem with a BA self-service touch-screen stand in Heathrow. A local staff member helped me by opening a service door of this stand and did something inside this stand. Unfortunately, I saw inside a stand a ancient green-screen terminal with famous character-based interface to AMADEUS.

To become digital, the whole system may need some retrotting.

Ian Gotts Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
They have never spent the (short) time to sit down and map out the processes that their customers go through. Then they could prioritize the automation / digitization. People spend longer agonizing about do it, imagining how hard it will be, and debating the automation tools/methodology - that it actually takes to do the mapping.

Forget swimlanes, BPMN, UML. Take a simple approach, a pen and a whiteboard.

The customer experience is bad because that is what was designed and implemented.
Mike Raia Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I think the tools are all there, it's a matter of giving power to customers that seems to fall short. Companies are still afraid to let their customers dictate their experiences.

For instance, if I'm Comcast (pity me) and I let customers cancel subscriptions or downgrade their account without talking to a sales representative I might lose out on a chance to upsell them. This ends up becoming a horrible customer experience. All the customer wants it to go online and make a change to their account. They end up having to call an 800 number to fight with a salesperson.

Is it about the customer experience or isn't it?
Going with the Flow at Integrifyintegrify.com
Caspar Jans Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I guess it depends whether you are in B2C or B2B, eventhough both organizations have customers, the big difference being that B2C has many many more customers compared to a B2B company.

From the perspective of a B2C consumer (I have typically worked in a B2B setting), I believe most companies only pay lip service to customer experience / satisfaction. They never took the time to think through the interaction any customer can have with their company and design and configure the business processes accordingly. Having said that, I also firmly believe that any company should pay the most attention to its own employees and make sure that they are happy, feel valued and believe they contribute to the company's success. If that is the case, they will provide excellent customer service / experience, sometimes despite of the company's supporting IT tools.

BPM is all about mindset first and toolset later....much later
David Chassels Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Having good web page is about the limit on offer but when it comes to "transaction" the inflexible poor accessibility silo systems including ERP fail to support either the customer or the in house support staff. To become digital to access real-time all the data could have significant positive effect on customer experiences. However as Alexander said "To become digital, the whole system may need some retrotting" it requires transformational thinking outside the IT box with supporting software which business can understand.
I like the live chat facilities that some companies provide - you rarely have to wait long and if there is a backlog, you can continue to work on other things. I don't think FAQs work (you never seem to be able to find the question you want to ask).

Bottom line, a human operator on a phone call cannot handle more than one call but a chat desk attendant can quickly respond to incoming calls, route questions to other staff, keep the chat line open and, depending on the nature of the incoming calls, handle perhaps 5 callers at a time.

Customers cannot expect 24 x 7 response such as provided by 911 services - they tend to get overwhelmed during storms etc.
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Kay Winkler Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
The cause for negative services and overall customer experiences surely is multi-fold.
On one side, companies have to get to terms with the fact that increased levels of technologies (including BPMS) do not automatically and positively correlate (rate, direction and intensity) with customer satisfaction. Neither does tech represent by default what’s really important to the customer. Given the option, most customers still prefer to interact with a human (tech empowered, yes - but not tech replaced) instead of a bot.
On the other hand, many companies still fail to instrument given dataoutputs produced by front facing and back office applications. Data and process mining initiatives that factor in ever shifting customer perceptions, surely can reduce or prevent all together negative trends around the most common factors clients evaluate (price, time, quality...).
Lastly, I would emphasize “ever shifting” - as technologies such as BPM and its many ramifications continue to progress, so will the baseline of what customers define as “good services and experiences”. In that sense, it’s important for the company to become receptive and it’s processes actionable towards these trends.
NSI Soluciones - ABPMP PTY
Interesting . . .
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Boris Zinchenko Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Improvement of customer experience is among key driving forces for digital transformation of business. Companies reap impressive benefits by switching their customer services into a digital form. But curiously, this digital substitution in most cases has a negative effect on client satisfaction.

Digital transformation, in its most generic sense, means outsourcing. Outsourcing is a wide spread business practice, not necessarily related to digital services. Outsourcing allows companies to save on services. But cheaper service does not automatically means better service for a client.

For instance, outsourcing of a call center to another country may mean savings due to less qualified operators. Digital outsourcing is further continuation of this trend to its extreme form through replacement of human operators by brainless digital appliances. By definition, it means considerably limited service relevant only in strictly predefined circumstances.

To win customer satisfaction organizations must combine advanced digital technologies with skilled human support staff ready to communicate with client on any problem, which goes outside of the scope of the digital system. Excellence in customer service is achieved not with its digital replacement but through convolution of digital service platforms with skillful human operators, which utilize them to improve client experience.
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Bogdan Nafornita Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Sell the dream, deliver the nightmare.

Most companies are just paying lip service to customer experience. Nothing new.
CEO, Co-founder, profluo.com
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