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  3. Tuesday, 02 October 2018
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How important would you say processes are to the digital business?
Bogdan Nafornita Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
You can't seriously be a digital company without two pillars: data and process.
CEO, Co-founder, profluo.com
Karl Walter Keirstead Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Processes are no more, no less important to the digital business than to any other type of business.

All processes start off as "This is the way we do things". Add process improvement and the organization's processes become "best practices".

Given that consistent use of "best practices" improves outcomes, it follows that any organization striving to build, sustain and enhance its competitive advantage needs/wants processes.
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Scott Francis Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Blog Writer
process, decisions, data, people
processes are critical for context to a digital enterprise. otherwise everything is just responding to incoming events without context. when a customer wants to understand where their order is, how do we tell them if we don't have process that describes it's journey?
Mike Raia Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
They are critical to a digital or any other business. Digital businesses especially set goals for speed and responsiveness that customers (and employees, vendors, partners, etc.) expect and are unachievable without defined processes that are as automated as possible. In addition, digital businesses that experience rapid growth need to ensure their processes are scalable as the staff, customer base, and complexity in general, scales.
Going with the Flow at Integrifyintegrify.com
Stuart Chandler Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Blog Writer
Processes are the nerve center of the digital enterprise. People just influence the digital organization and fix the failures. All things feed the processes whether it is strategy, data, technology, applications or people.
Emiel Kelly Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Unimportant. Digital enterprises don't need processes, they need shiny apps.

Nonsense of course. Processes are the 'things' that deliver your products and services (that solve the problems of your customer), so they are as important as oxygen to men (or animals or a V8 turbocharged engine)

but you can discuss if you need

- well defined processes (in the end you want results, not processes)
- digitized processes
- automated processes
Sharing my adventures in Process World via Procesje.nl
Juan J Moreno Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
(There is no enterprise without processes. So I assume the question is about "automated" processes.)

Not all, but mostly all of the digital enterprises were born to grow and scale fast.
You can not scale and grow without well defined and automated processes.
Manual operations, completely based on good judgment, simply don't scale further than owner's reach.

Joining the dots... there shouldn't be any serious digital enterprise without well defined, automatized, digitized processes.

CEO at Flokzu Cloud BPM Suite
Caspar Jans Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I think we all agree that processes are one of the cornerstones for any organization or enterprise to be viable and to deliver products or services. I like the approach Emiel Kelly is taking on this statement and like to explore that a little bit further.

Do you need:
1 well defined processes (in the end you want results, not processes)
2 digitized processes
3 automated processes

Of course you can say no on all three but I wonder how long you would be in business, depending on the business you are in. If you own a small waffle house near the beach, your processes (you still need them) are probably slightly more simple than those of a mulitnational manufacturing company.

One of the core targets of any enterprise is stabilty (so no sudden movements up or down) and in order to achieve this predictability is required. Having well defined processes promotes predictability and thus stability, so I couild argue yes, you need well defined processes.

Next, digitized processes. This depends on the size of the transactions you are doing as an enterprise. Again, the waffle house near the beach does not need digitized processes to survive, it might help him or her to become more profitable though. The mulitnational will definitely try to digitize as many processes as possible in order to keep SAG costs under control (and having well defined processes helps in this case)

Finally, automated processes. Well, actually to me this is the same logic as with digitized processes.

Even though I think I might be slightly biased when it comes to BPM I truly believe that every enterprise needs and has processes, some are just (still) in denial.
BPM is all about mindset first and toolset later....much later
Boris Zinchenko Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Role of business processes in a digital company is far more important than in a traditional organization because digital organization literally consists of the digital business processes it implements.

Traditionally, most business processes are in possession of workers or groups of workers, in other words, process stakeholders. Every worker holds in memory, experience, notes or corporate regulations certain course of action to follow in every particular situation. This implicit or partially formalized set of rules comprises a business model of a company. The model is subject to change by mere verbal discussion and agreement between workers and management, happen business environment evolves or new challenges appear.

Situation is entirely different in a digital organization. Digital systems do not have any implicit awareness on business aspects, just an explicit algorithm to do exact functions, for which they were designed. Therefore, a digital business system is a manifestation of a business process or of a group of processes by virtue of its design. Creation of digital enterprise is imminently model driven act of implementation of enterprise architecture out of digital systems as its elementary business blocks. Digital enterprise is a continuum of coordinated digital processes.
Kay Winkler Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Due to its gap bridging nature on multiple ends - data silos, departmental borders, application barriers and, most importantly, the true end points of the value chain, business processes that adhere to a BPM framework and architecture are quite essential to the successful, digital enterprise.
While processes aren't by any means the only way to initiate the road to "digital business", they indeed represent a very intuitive one. It proves to be rather seamless to branch out from BPM to ECM, AI, ACM and to the many additional bearers of the digital transformation mission as well. Business processes in the era of digital business are the connective tissue of customers, employees, stakeholders and technologies. In that sense BPM is a key ingredient for success in the Digital Enterprise.
NSI Soluciones - ABPMP PTY
Pritiman Panda Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Process ideally refers to the "how things are getting done step-by-step". Whether you do it manually or as a routine job (unknowingly) or as a standard operating procedure on based on some graphical representation in in a modeler driven by a tool. Believe it or not, Appreciate it or not - it exists in an enterprise.
If there is no process --> we can safely assume it is going to be chaotic as there is nothing to change, improvize or optimize as a feedback element (No change in ways of operation means) --> stagnant business model --> No Customer Experience Revamp (or understand the customer better) --> Frustrated Customer --> As there is no way to express the concern (as a process) --> Customer Churn --> Revenue Loss --> .......etc. etc..

Process is a critical element to attain Enterprise Stability, Customer Excellence, Operational Excellence & realize Digital @ Scale
David Chassels Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Processes have and will always drive business operations...and yes business logic tasks never have or will change. DIGITAL is just the presentation layer of the variety UIs which business use with real time presentation, input, use etc by users who should be able to access from anywhere. For enterprises in today's world this digital process capability is important to remain competitive but does need to move on from the old IT silo thinking and this is where BPM can get the thinking right and then supported by next generation business driven software.
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