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Processes have been around for a long time. So what is your favorite business process quote?
Kay Winkler Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
While incorporating the concept of differentiating between project management and business process management in our BPM methodology, I once came up with the following statement:
“For a continued BPM success, successful BPM projects have to be achieved continuously.”
Pretty simple and common sense, but it has served us well, thus far!
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Pritiman Panda Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
"Process Design is an Art, the only way to make it better is to view it from a different perspective"
"Process is a Journey, but unless the roads are constructed/tailored from a Customer view-point, it's no different from a deserted barren uninhabited land"
"Whether Business drives Process or the Process drives Business is the riddle that keeps the enterprise rolling!!" :-)
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Dr Alexander Samarin Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Cross-functional process is a process which is understood differently by all involved organisational units.

David Chassels Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Many years ago I read Peter Keen's book The Process Edge published in 1997; about same time as BPM started its journey? I like the headline "The Process Edge proves that business process improvement is not a fad" and in the book it goes into the need to understand the differences between salient and non salient processes. To me a memorable comment was that good salient processes are assets but must be flexible otherwise could become liabilities.

So now 20 years later where are we...? Sadly "old IT" driven by big vendors failed to deliver and result is quite a mess of legacy with inflexible silo systems. Only now as often discussed in this forum is the practical support for change being addressed and being taken seriously linked to no\low code capabilities. Perhaps now the beginning of the end of the BPM journey which will at last bring to business the tangible benefits of flexible operational salient processes?
Karl Walter Keirstead Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Process makes perfect . . . .
John Morris Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
"The core principle of business process management (BPM) is that processes are key to the success of an organization - how a company repeatedly transforms its business processes from X to Y is the essence of the company."

Anjana Ramesh
@AnjanaRamesh193, @KiSSFLOW

From a question on Quora:
Why is business process management important to organizations?
This comment highlights the central importance of BPM technology, and the central importance of process itself, "the essence of the company". Too often we consider BPM as just another technology. It's not.
  1. John Morris
  2. 5 days ago
Thanks for having mentioned it, @John Morris.
  1. Anjana Ramesh
  2. 1 day ago
Karl Walter Keirstead Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
The 5 R's - "Process is about doing the right thing, the right way, at the right place, at the right time, using the right resources"
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Emiel Kelly Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
"Sure we have processes, you can find them in those manuals"
Sharing my adventures in Process World via Procesje.nl
I suspect the appropriate response to such a statement by a reluctant customer would be ". . . . processes in manuals are actually procedures" but argumentative counters like this to prospective customers usually are not the best way to sign them up.

In any case, managing the operational side of a business is not about managing processes, right? - it's really about managing workflow and workload across Cases that host process templates.
kritika pandey Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
"It is necessary to concede that a business is what it does, and not what the CEO or organization department wants or what a marketing department describes in a value proposition. How a business does processes is defined by how employees actually perform customer service. A game is defined by what players do and not by strategy or plans. We all know that hardly anything goes according to plan." Max J. Pucher

"Business Process Management isn’t just about automation – it’s about transforming and improving the way that your organization operates. Business Process is about changing the way you engage your knowledge workers to drive positive, meaningful change across the enterprise."
Kritika Pandey (Software Analyst)
Karl Walter Keirstead Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
@Kritika . . You made an Interesting reference to a comment by Max Pucher "We all know that hardly anything goes according to plan".

There are a few reasons why

a) plans are typically not dynamic (i.e. things change, the plans do not get updated);
b) many corporations do not have the means to evolve plans that detail measurable goals/objectives for initiatives;
c) many of the ones that are sufficiently enlightened to define goals/objectives for initiatives don't monitor progress.

In the construction industry, the ratio of on time/on budget project completions to late/over budget is much higher relative to many other industry sectors.

See "'Essentials for building, sustaining & improving corporate competitive advantage." (Part IV of a set of articles on minimal needs for success with efficiency and effectiveness at both the operations level and the strategy level).

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Bogdan Nafornita Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
An adaptation:
"Always have processes from which you could deviate!"

And a recent one:
"When you digitize a crappy process, you get a crappy digital process"
CEO, Co-founder, profluo.com
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