Chatbots are an information service interfaces that are done by a computer program, sometimes with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The applications of a chatbot range from functional all the way to fun. Recently they have even been growing quickly both in sophistication and in popularity.

New technologies are allowing companies to automate in new and exciting ways. But, how do those new methods impact customer experience? In this excerpt from the podcast, Peter Schooff discusses this very important topic with Neil Ward-Dutton.

Digital Process

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes a dominant force in today's digital business, Peter Schooff and Jim Sinur discuss the impact on process in this excerpt from the podcast.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is hot. Every enterprise worth its stock price is looking out for ways to harness its power to not only stay relevant but also gain a competitive edge.


Each year we approach the annual “What’s Next” article with not only a sense of hope, but a conviction that this will be THE year for the BPM market. For nearly a decade, this ritual has set a high bar of both goals and expectations, and most years they have indeed been met.

When Thinking Matters

BPM.com's Peter Schooff and Fujitsu North America's Keith Swanson continue their discussion. In this excerpt from the podcast, they talk about the migration to cloud based services, and the necessity to focus on the GOAL of process when first starting out.