Each year we approach the annual “What’s Next” article with not only a sense of hope, but a conviction that this will be THE year for the BPM market. For nearly a decade, this ritual has set a high bar of both goals and expectations, and most years they have indeed been met.

When Thinking Matters

BPM.com's Peter Schooff and Fujitsu North America's Keith Swanson continue their discussion. In this excerpt from the podcast, they talk about the migration to cloud based services, and the necessity to focus on the GOAL of process when first starting out.

Digital Transformation and Robotic Automation

Peter Schooff talks with Keith Swenson of Fujitsu North America. In this excerpt from a podcast, they discuss the road ahead for digital transformation of business processes, and how robotic automation can assist with that change.

Key to BPM

In this excerpt from the podcast, Peter Schooff and Dr. Mathias Kirchmer continue their discussion. Dr. Kirchmer shares the key aspects of BPM that are most important for companies to remain competitive in the future.


In this excerpt from the podcast, Peter Schooff and Dr. Mathias Kirchmer discuss how to use an industrialized approach to achieve significant impact in the use of BPM.

Deploying Work

The full promise of BPM software technology is realized when you build your own differentiating processes. But beyond process modeling itself note that there are important business considerations associated with how BPM process models are deployed for use