Working Remotely And Asynchronously Made Easy With BPM Technology.

Remote WorkNobody argues anymore that the year 2020 and the pandemic we lived, change the game forever. In fact, it changed many games. But this is, in a certain way, a great opportunity for many companies to embrace change and use new technologies that allow them to get ahead in the competitive world.

One thing that stands out about most BPM suites is that they have many features that make it easier to work in teams, even if you don’t share the same zip code or country for that matter. What is more, implementing these suites, following the four stages of the BPM discipline, will ensure optimizing results and resources.

For those who need a little reminder, the four stages of the Business Process Management discipline are:

  • Modeling a business process: formally modeling a process with a standard notation, BPMN for example, will help visualize the stages and tasks a specific process must have to function properly.
  • Process automation: getting that formally modeled process into a BPM software that allows automating each stage.
  • Process analysis and measurement: one of the most important benefits of automating your processes with a BPM suite, is that it gives you objective information about the performance of each process. This information is crucial in the decision-making process.
  • Introduction of objective improvements and restart the cycle based on the previous step.

Taking this into account, we know that BPM software provides much more than simple task management. But why is this so relevant now? Well, because working asynchronously and remotely is almost mandatory now. This means being able to complete a task without sending an email that says “hey, you forgot to send me the documents” and having to wait until the next day to get that information. When using a BPM tool for automating processes, the person responsible for completing a specific task receives it with the context to do so.

One could think that even with these facts laid out, the use of BPM software is still replaceable with other things, like good practices or great staff organization. Maybe this is true, but one thing is for sure, you won’t be able to compete in your market by solely doing that. The optimization of time and resources is one of the most important things companies have to start paying attention to. And achieve all of these, working remotely.

The digital transformation process takes time and has to be thought through. It’s not only the use of particular software, of a certain kind of technology. Is the mixture of those technologies and good practices that result in a great outcome.

It's in that way that today's BPM software helps businesses. Combining the technology those companies need with the right set of practices for them. Because every company is unique, and they don’t necessarily need to apply the same technology in the same way, or a practice that helps one company could be the death of the other.

So the solution for our current challenge, which is to be able to thrive in a competitive market, to adapt and take advantage of the new way of conducting business, and provide our team with an excellent experience when working with us, is to choose the right technology. When looking to get BPM software, look for one that adapts to your needs. Not the other way around. A tool that helps unite the digital and the human world. A suite that is easy to use and provides a solution, not an additional problem.

In sum…

The reality has changed. Nobody argues that anymore. How to get ahead in this new normal? Well, it’s a mixture of the right practices with the right technologies. Implementing BPM software will allow your team to work from different locations at different times, but you will still be able to measure their performance. What is more, you will be able to measure the performance of the entire organization, with real and objective data, that will help you make better decisions, and, in the end, help you to come up first in the business world.

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Sofia Saegaert

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