Why Winning Matters

  • Your company gains international recognition as an industry leader and innovator...
  • You clearly demonstrate competitive differentiation and credibility within your industry
  • New customers mean your corporation grows even faster... Customer loyalty increases.
  • Pride and motivation for your team, your project and your department, together with internal recognition from top management.
  • Additional project credibility usually means additional project funding and more...
  • You attract highly talented new employees to your organization, eager to contribute their knowledge and skills

Making a difference to your bottom line…

  1. A recent survey by Boost Marketing showed that industry awards really do make a difference in a business-to-business context. “... 82% of buyers are influenced by awards when buying products and services for their business..."
  2. A research study by Hendricks & Singhal of the University of Western Ontario and Georgia Institute of Technology, revealed more than 600 quality corporate award winners had 37% more sales growth and 44% higher stock price return than their peers.

The prestigious annual Global Awards for Excellence in BPM are highly coveted by organizations that seek recognition for their achievements. Annually, WfMC.org and BPM.com recognize the top 10 most highly-rated entries across the board (independent of category).

Winners also receive…

  1. Ongoing recognition and awareness of your award by using the official Award Winner logo on all your websites, emails, product literature etc.
  2. Publication of your case study in the annual “Excellence in Practice” series.
  3. Opportunity to participate in our mini-book program for high-conversion lead generation.

How to enter

Do you have an interesting, innovative case study about a BPM implementation at your company or your customer's company?

Submit a simple 250-word abstract before you create the full case study. Free, quick and easy... You will get quick feedback on whether this case study qualifies to enter the awards, plus helpful advice on what can make it even better.

Award-winners’ feedback…

“Just writing up the award made us better at running our project.”

“We established huge credibility in our marketplace.”

“The team feels it, and they’re proud of it. That was a big lesson for us.”

“People actually do a better job when they’re proud of working for an award-winning company.”

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