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Why BPM Is Unique & Important: Part 5 - Business Benefits Of Using BPM Software Technology

Part 1 Part 5All business, and indeed every organization, has a value chain. A value chain is the sum of work processes. We buy or build software technology artefacts to help us with our work because in this modern day, to work without software technology is impossible.

As we have shown in this Paper, BPM software technology is uniquely suited to the needs of business and organization. Here are the main technical and business benefits that accrue from using BPM software technology:

  1. DIRECT TRANSLATION OF BUSINESS IDEAS – Concepts of direct concern to management are first-class, or built-in, to BPM software technology, enabling direct translation of ideas into tools.
  2. DEFEAT COMPLEXITY WITH MODELING – Agility is impossible with complexity. Business-friendly model-based technology is the antidote to escalating technical and business complexity.
  3. DIRECT MANUFACTURE OF USEFUL TOOLS – The direct output from using BPM software technology is usable business tools.
  4. GO BEYOND THE COMMODITY HORIZON – Commonly used market or open source software defines commodity market positioning; BPM software technology makes a unique market presence affordable.

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PointerNext up in the Series -- Paper II, Minimum Viable Definition Of BPM: Part 1, The Kitchen Sink, All BPM-Related Automation Technology. Let’s map all the powerful components of the BPM software technology ecosystem.

BPM software technology doesn’t do anything that could not be bought or constructed otherwise. But because of the nature of the first-class concepts built into BPM, constructing automation technology artefacts with BPM software technology is much less expensive, must faster, and affords much more flexibility than would be otherwise.

Paper Road Map

There are four papers in the Series: Explore BPM Technology As Revolutionary Enabler:

  1. This first Paper, “Why BPM Is Unique & Important”, introduces the exciting topic of BPM software technology and why BPM so relevant to business today. Work, process and modeling are revealed as built-in to BPM software, enabling rapid construction of new business capabilities. Published in five parts.
  2. The second Paper, “Minimum Viable Definition Of BPM”, introduces the whole BPM ecosystem but then zeros in on the Minimum Viable Definition. Promotion and adoption of BPM software technology is facilitated when the unique value of core BPM is clearPublished in one part.
  3. The third Paper, “Challenges Of Being A BPM Pioneer”, highlights technical keys to success for a BPM programme. BPM software technology is not mature, and “results may vary”. However, there are ways of narrowing the “cone of outcomes” for your BPM programme.
  4. The fourth Paper, “Adoption Process & BPM Institutionalization”, covers how BPM software technology adoption can accelerate beyond the current technology grid-lock, a process which is less about technology and more about community.

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