The Architecture Situation Today

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The Architecture Situation Today

There are many perspectives of what is called architecture. Architecture is applied to organizations, enterprises, businesses (profit or non-profit, private or public) or whatever term is used to define a structure that delivers goods and/or services to a constituency. This constituency consists of citizenry or customers, products or services, governments, educational institutions and so on. In any event, what we are talking about is some structure that consists of component parts and relationships that are used to deliver the goods and services. Many of the ideas, concepts and techniques for architecture of an organization are taken from historical uses of architecture in construction of building, cities and neighborhoods.

Some assertions about architecture

With this in mind, there are several core assertions of concern to IT Management that can be made about architecture as relates to enterprises:

What does architecture consist of? Most often architecture is made up of the following:

  1. An architecture is made up of models (one or more)
  2. Models are made up of elements (instances of a category) and relationships between elements

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