One huge obstacle for achieving process excellence is working in traditional, functional specialist siloes. This article explains what are the three key factors for bringing those functional siloes together to advance process excellence.

Hurricane Ike

How a Cross-Functional Team Re-engineered an Automated Debris Management System (ADMS) to Help Galveston Texas Recover From the Worst Hurricane in a Century, Leveraging the Scrum Development Methodology

Once the project is delivered, we spend some time talking about the Achieved and the Projected. This is how to measure what we got with what we wanted. This is the actual stuff, not necessarily the stuff we were wishing for.

Business Strategy and Design Thinking

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer and Peter Schooff continue their discussion, this time talking about business digitalization and how that impacts the customer journey.


Industry Awards offer many benefits to enhance corporate performance from the boardroom to the frontline. Outstanding work merits recognition and attention – and the benefits that go with them.

Business Strategy and Design Thinking

In this excerpt from the podcast, Dr. Mathias Kirchmer and Peter Schooff discuss how to connect the dots between process design and innovation..