Manufacturing The Automation Artefacts Of Business Capability

Technology is the umbrella term given to the set of artefacts or tools that we use to help us with our work. Thus technology is a “force multiplier” for human brawn or human brain.

Big Wave

Peter Schooff talks with Neil Ward-Dutton, founder and CEO of MWD Advisors. In this excerpt from the podcast, they discuss Neil's upcoming presentation at bpmNEXT, and the next wave in BPM automation.

Mt. Everest

We strip BPM software technology to the BPM Core, making it easier to perceive the business value of this unique and important technology.

BPM Core

BPM software technology doesn’t do anything that could not be bought or constructed otherwise. But because of the nature of the first-class concepts built into BPM, constructing automation technology artefacts with BPM software technology is much less expensive, must faster, and affords much more flexibility than would be otherwise.


This is an exciting moment in the evolution of business innovation, where industry has finally caught up to the potential offered with BPM. Over the next month we will provide many learning guides for how BPM can, will and even has already begun to drive digital innovation. Kicking this off, we have asked the industry’s top thought leaders and market shapers to offer their predictions on what they think are the most important trends for 2017 and beyond.


All business, and indeed every organization, has a value chain. A value chain is the sum of work processes. We buy or build software technology artefacts to help us with our work because in this modern day, to work without software technology is impossible.