In this excerpt from the podcast, Peter Schooff and Dr. Mathias Kirchmer discuss how to use an industrialized approach to achieve significant impact in the use of BPM.

Deploying Work

The full promise of BPM software technology is realized when you build your own differentiating processes. But beyond process modeling itself note that there are important business considerations associated with how BPM process models are deployed for use

Broken Bridge

In this excerpt from the podcast, Peter Schooff talks with Ivan Seselj of Promapp. They discuss what led Ivan to start his company, as well as the emerging challenge of digital disruption.


BPM process automation technology is the basis of digitalization – but where do you get your process models? Where does process modeling knowledge come from?

Modeling Processes

With thinking caps on, we are ready for process modeling! And because we are modeling with BPM technology, we enjoy modeling where work and repetition are first-class citizens of our modeling tools.

What is your first thought when you hear RPA? Do you think about machines taking our jobs? Or maybe dream how much nicer your life could be if you did not have to do dull and repetitive tasks?