Building An Enterprise Transformation Factory

Today's businesses face a competitive market unlike anything we've seen before.

Customer Experience Conundrum

Today, customer experience has become a buzzword across the corporate world, and it has become a mission statement for most companies. Especially in a services industry, where we deal with intangible value delivery, customer experience has become an essential part of every firm’s growth strategy. The innovative aspect of customer experience has even overtaken the effort and investments in product and service innovation.

BPM vs. Game Theory

OK, there is not going to be an actual fight here. What I'd like to do is compare two apparently different concepts from different fields - BPM and Game Theory, and show how they are actually not so different (but yes, still distinct), and then argue which of them has a better shot at improving the way we do business.

In 2015, BPM will fight to expand its relevance in the front office and will need to shed serious weight.

As the way businesses operate in society has changed due to the Internet revolution, some business thinkers have begun to see organizations as ecosystems rather than as discrete units.

Functional and Process Management: Tools Support

In the previous articles, we positioned Project Management and Process Management as systematic ways to compensate the issues of pure functional management: loss of control at handoffs, loss of focus on corporate goals, sub-optimization, etc. Let us now consider the tools (i.e. software) support for functional, project and process management.