Artificial Intelligence is now one of the most important lenses that business leaders need to look through to identify new business models, new sources of revenue and bring in critical efficiencies in how they do businesses.

The lack of explainability and trust hampers our ability to fully trust AI systems. We want computer systems to work as expected and produce transparent explanations and reasons for decisions they make. This is known as Explainable AI (XAI).

Right Brain

AI is blossoming, but the real advantage of AI is yet to come.

Business Transformation

Businesses across nations are expected to face extraordinary challenges and changes in the coming years.

Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Since security has immediate and future consequences, what is the real cost of solving — or not solving — the internet of things security problems?

Jedi Origami

Even though there are three major approaches to AI, this case study is all about the algorithms in action in the highly competitive field of vehicle sales.