Round Trip Revisited

Many business process management initiatives over the world suffer from the same pitfall. Most projects are successful in identifying and solving a particular business problem by redesigning and/or constantly improving the corresponding business process. The ROI figures are impressive and BPM gains the trust from executives. Yet attempts to leverage on the initial success to apply BPM enterprise-wide are often far less successful.

Interaction Profiling

Interaction Profiling is a new paradigm that provides a fresh, object-oriented approach to simplify Business Process Management (BPM). The concept focuses on the different types (profiles) of business interactions...


Most organizations have business structures designed like pyramids. The person at the top makes the most important decisions, which then get distributed to managers at various levels until strategies and policies reach workers. There are variations on this format, but they mostly happen on the pyramid's interior. The outside keeps the same shape.


No software vendor offers a single environment supporting all forms of collaboration. However the demand becomes more and more evident.

The Year Ahead for BPM

We asked leading BPM software vendors and the top BPM thought leaders to share their views on what to look for, and what their plans are for 2015. Here is what they said.

Managing Projects, Processes and Cases

Interestingly, when you meet a certified project manager, he/she almost immediately starts talking about how important is to manage projects and how it should be done. Similarly, a process management expert looks at the world through processes.