Digital Disruption

In this excerpt from the podcast, BPM Managing Editor Peter Schooff and former Gartner VP Jim Sinur discuss Digital Disruption, changing business models, and the need to adapt to a new era.


The history of the Process Improvement field is a storied one with anchors in quality and risk management as well as in the lean movements which focus on efficiency. The evolution of the space has included the maturation of frameworks, methodologies, languages and notations. The complexities now prevalent in any process improvement activity are a clear indicator of the need for a democratizing solution – one that allows everyone to participate in the building of new processes without the need for technological savvy.

Go Deep vs. Go Wide Strategy

Virtually every company becomes caught by the business process idea, sooner or later. The BPM promises – sales up! costs down! unprecedented agility! – make people eager to implement the “BPM thing” as soon as possible, if not yesterday

2016 Predictions

The greatest impact on business process over the last decade has not been specifically the change in technology, but rather it has been the dramatic shift in customer expectations. More than simply “cheaper,” “better,” “faster” but “HERE and NOW.” In just about every type of interaction, this change in expectations shifts the burden from consumer to product/service provider – i.e., rather than forcing the customer to come to you on your terms – your store, your branch, your website, your contact center – they increasingly expect it to be resolved in the moment, wherever that moment takes place.

The Year Ahead for BPM

Where not long ago we described BPM in terms of its potential, today it is easy to measure what it has done. The enterprises who have adopted BPM are forever changed for the better. If not all of them, certainly most – this claim is true where it was not always the case. Today the success stories easy to find and impossible to ignore.

Cognitive Computers

Let’s explore the world of computer hardware that is relevant to cognitive computing and tapping the vast amounts of Big Data being generated by the Internet of Everything.