Digital Transformation

As Shawn Dubravac wrote in Digital Destiny, “Humanity is entering a new era. Beyond the mere acquisition of ever more digital devices with ever more incredible functionality, the immediate future will usher in the all-digital lifestyle and an ‘Internet of Everything.’ The transformation of our lives will be breathtaking.”

In this excerpt from the podcast, Blog contributor Max Habibi speaking on the topic of technology and BPM, decision management, case, and analytics..


Peter Schooff discusses Smart Work with Steven Stanton. In this excerpt from the podcast, they talk about the idea of corporate feudalism and other dysfunctions within business.

Simplified CMN

At the recent bpmNEXT2016 Conference, I had the opportunity to put forward a proposal for consideration by the BPM industry insiders present that a simpler, streamlined version of the Case Management Model & Notation (CMMN) v1.0 from the Object Management Group (OMG) could be used to encourage adoption of its use.

BPMN Potential

Lloyd Dugan from BPM.com has proposed a simplified CMMN at the recent bpmNEXT conference in Santa Barbara. The initial point of his presentation was the statement that BPMN isn’t well suited for modeling event-intensive scenarios. They require event subprocesses and ad-hoc subprocesses that are obscure for users and aren’t well supported by BPM vendors.

Risk and Cost

In part two from the podcast, BPM Managing Editor Peter Schooff and MWD Advisors' Neil Ward-Dutton discuss what is at stake if a company ignores BPM in this a digitally changed business culture.