OpenText Acquires Cordys for $33 Million

OpenText has been busy over the last year building a competitive channel strategy, which has been evident in its aggressive realignment of its sales team and partner channel, but also with its recent (7/31/31) acquisition of ICCM Solutions, a current partner who built a successful “Assure” ITSM/ITIL solution on OTEX’s MBPM (formerly Metastorm) platform. This move presents channel complexity not seen with the ICCM acquisition, while offering a technology leverage point (or several of them) that rivals OpenText’s half-billion dollar combined acquisition of Metastorm and Global 360 in 2011. Anyone who had any doubt about the importance that data and business intelligence will play in the future of processes need look no further than today’s move. As their CEO Mark Barrenechea stated today, "OpenText envisions a world where information and processes are fully integrated, enabling the next generation of Enterprise Information Management applications with out-of-the-box software." Cordys brings serious integration chops to the “Enterprise Information Management” equation, as well as a Composite Application Framework (CAF) that makes their $33 million dollar price point a very attractive deal. Where OpenText competitor Kofax has made very serious in-roads with BPM in the cloud, on both data integration (vis-à-vis Microsoft Azure) as well as application provisioning, this exciting acquisition really does raise the bar. It is yet another proof-point that the BPM market remains as hot as ever – in particular for leveraging BPM software an application development framework. Whether we’re reaching the end of the wave of BPM market consolidation, or just the beginning, stay tuned. But we expect this market to get even hotter, very soon. Additional Details: OpenText Buys Cordys to Expand BPM and Case Management http://www.becauseprocessmatters.com/value-of-options/