How to Sell Business Architecture to Corporate Executives?

How to Sell Business Architecture

This sounds just great! Only a few questions are still looking for the answers. For example, why to-be business architects think that current manages have difficulties in understanding the corporate strategy? Or, why the corporate business needs these new architectural values that it lived without before? Overall, why business architecture should be sold to the corporate executives in the first place?

Is this because those people are external to the corporate business, e.g. they come from the IT department that used to sell its technical ideas to the corporate business for the money needed to implement them? Are these people come from other business institutions and want to make some money having no knowledge about a particular business and its needs? (Don’t you recognise this pattern?)

Actually, there is something that exists independently of the decision-makers and that resists all business architectures coming from outside. When a business institution is created and starts functioning, it unconditionally forms a system. Every system has its architecture. This architecture is a subset of special system’s elements that influence all other elements. Those other elements can change while the architectural elements stay the same. Such architecture is known as an organic architecture of the system. When addressing a system of business such as a company or enterprise, we deal with the Organic Business Architecture©. This is the one that opposes the “architecture vending people”.

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