Gauging Success: Visual KPI Means Better BPM

Intelligent KPI and Analytics can help you gauge the success of your BPM processes and improve their performance.

KPI is important first and foremost to understand if your process is doing what it's supposed to be doing. It also enables you to isolate bottlenecks, and handle performance issues.

Finally, it can enable you to improve your process, by adjusting it according to the incoming data.

Real time analytics can sometimes even be used by the intelligent processes which know how to modify themselves according to aggregated data.

There are several types of KPI and several ways to visualize data. It's important to choose the right type of chart, gauge or list to show users, something that will enable them to quickly understand what is going on. Go for simplicity, when in doubt.

You should also give users the ability to drilldown to data, as often the first tier that is displayed is not enough, and the user must see the source of each data result. The ability to export data to Excel, where further analysis is possible is also useful.

This video tutorial I created demonstrates intelligent, visual KPI in a Support Ticketing process.


Some of the KPI you'll see:

-Cases per severity

-Average resolution time

-Cases per department

-Cases per customer

-SLA Compliance


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