Does AI Change How We Deal With Information?

Peter Schooff: Hello, this is Peter Schooff, managing editor at, and today I am pleased to speak once again with Jim Sinur, a name I'm sure everybody's quite familiar with. Jim is currently vice president and research fellow at Aragon Research. He, of course, spent 20 years at Gardner. You also will be a keynote speaker at the BPM Next Conference, which is coming up in April in Santa Barbara. Jim, thanks so much for joining me on another podcast.

Jim Sinur: Well Peter, it's great to be here. Good to participate again in BPM Next. I'm looking forward to it frankly.

Peter Schooff: Same with me. To give a quick preview, what are you going to be speaking about at BPM Next?

Jim Sinur: Well BPM Next has mostly vendor oriented folks, but we're starting to get some new end users, so I'm gonna try to strike the balance between topics that are interesting to end user communities, as well as vendors that surround the process world. With that in mind, I'm gonna talk about what's happening in digital right now. We've moved from a planning stage to a lot of activity. We see AI picking up a lot of steam, and it seems like intelligence might be the new currency instead of data, like in the old days. Of course, AI uses data quite a bit. So, there's a lot of momentum behind digital.

Going digital is one of these tricky things in terms of definition and when you have arrived. If you're an industry under duress, it's one thing. If you're trying to slowly digitize yourself to be better and have better processes and better outcomes, particularly for customers because in today's world the new process is what the customer sees is the company's concern. So, we're gonna talk about the impact, the customer journey, the continuous effect of operational improvement, which process has been living with for a long time. And I'm gonna be talking about new services and products. And that's the end customer spend.

The other piece that I'm gonna talk about is how the markets are going to evolve. We're seeing the beginning of a lot of M and A's, particularly in more mature markets, but we're also seeing M and A's that are being prompted by, hey in order to do digital, I need that functionality. And a classic case of that is customer journey mapping. We're seeing some of the leaders get picked off by companies that are serious about serving the digital client base, and at the same time, we're seeing customer journey mapping explode from 20 players, maybe 25 players, to over 50 overnight.

Peter Schooff: Interesting.

Jim Sinur: We'll talk about where are all these mergers leading besides the traditional use of mergers to clean up old markets and consolidate them, to get ready for more digital. And I'll talk about where that's headed and give some rationale behind that. I think if you're a vendor, you would like a taste of where at least Aragon thinks things are going. So, we'll talk about that and we'll talk about some of the opportunities. We've opened up some new coverage at Aragon around decision management frameworks. I'm gonna talk about decision management and where that's gonna be going. There's a real opportunity for a growth market there and I'll talk about that a bit, too.

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